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Two years ago after the C-X17 concept debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Jaguar F-Pace will make its global debut during the 2015 edition of the show.

Autocar reports the SUV is undergoing testing at present, having caught a camouflaged prototype with physical cues suggesting a supercharged 3-liter V6 under the bonnet. Other possible engines for the showroom-ready model include a 5-liter supercharged V8, and the Ingenium family of gasoline- and diesel-fueled four-cylinder mills.

The publication also noted that the F-Pace’s dimensions resemble that of the C-X17 concept, which is 16 inches longer than the Range Rover Evoque at an overall length of 186 inches, and is 65 inches tall. Other features include “an assured driving position” at “a low height” similar to the aforementioned Evoque, a plunging rear roof line, and an interior completely unlike anything currently offered by Jaguar Land Rover.

The F-Pace will face-off against the likes of the Porsche Macan and BMW X4 in the small SUV game when it hits showrooms beginning in 2016, and is expected to help push total sales volume for Jaguar alongside the XE sedan from 80,000 units/year to 200,000, faring well in SUV-friendly markets like the United States and China.

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16 Comments on “Frankfurt 2015: Jaguar F-Pace Debuting Two Years After C-X17 Concept...”

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    Very good review! Thanks for sharing with us, I’m learning a lot every day.

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    Good looking, but what a weird name.

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    Looks gorgeous, but Jaguars are certainly unrecognizable as Jaguars these days!

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    I really doubt Jaguar will offer the 5.0-liter AJ V8 in this car. They’ll push that supercharged 3.0-liter at the top end, which is probably plenty…

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      Hey Kyree I have noticed that you have a lot of love for jags and vws – same as here. Do you own a current production jag by any chance? Cos if so I plan to buy or lease an f pace next winter and was wondering what your real life experience says about current jag reliability as well as dealership experience.

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        He doesn’t own any Jags, cos he has VWs, and maybe an Acura. You cannot really rely on a singular customer experience on a -different- model to determine your reliability on a new model which is -not- out yet (or even built) which you plan to buy or lease (when you have no idea how much it will even cost.)

        Go about this the right way, and:
        A) Avoid a brand new model from a British manufacturer if you’re concerned about reliability.
        B) Use sites like Edmunds, True Car, or etc, which actually collect consumer reviews.
        C) Wait until Consumer Reports has one and you can see the reliability stats.

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          Thanks coreydl

          A) it being the first prod year for a brand new model is why I am considering leasing instead of buying. I am a lurker on the jag forums and there seem to be very few issues with current prod jags. That being said, this is a new architecture and new set of engines.

          B) I read somewhere that it starts at 40k with the top end around 55k. We had the Q5 and the enclave in our sights but if these prices are correct, that would be in our ballpark.. Somewhat..

          C) waiting for cr reviews is not really an option cos I don’t have a subscription

          The core reason I want one is cos my wife has sacrificed a lot in her life for her family. This is one brand that the both of us love and I would love to get her this next winter when our current lease on the terrain is done, which coincides with her completing her PA program

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          Nope. I don’t have a Jag, although I do like them and an XF or even this F-Pace might be in the cards in the future. (I also don’t have an Acura, but do have the two Volkswagens.) But I agree with CoreyDL. Especially with luxury Euro products, it might be worth it to wait a couple of model years after it’s been released before you buy it (the exception being BMW, who likes to withhold troublesome features until after the first model year, so as not to lower its J.D. Power ratings early on).

          As far as pricing, Jaguar and Land Rover are moving to a niche within niches, similar to where Porsche and Maserati are. That’s how Porsche can charge $50,000 for its base Macan when that same money would get you much larger cars elsewhere, like the M/GLE-Class, Q7 or XC90. I’d speculate that the Jag’s pricing will start well north of the $40K marker where other compact luxury CUVs reside. I’d bank on it costing $48K to start…*maybe* $46K and change at the optimistic end.

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    thats one fast cat

    This causes a little bit of me to die inside.

    After a sublime XK8/XJR (as introduced), a truly innovative XJ8/XJR that moved to Jaguar to aluminum construction and the theory of lighter is better, and a downright BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME Ftype, this is the next “thing?”

    Oh well, I guess I can file this with the “X-type is sure to be popular” and “the S-type, while not beautiful, expands the range” view inside Jaguar.

    Allow me to go sit inside my 79XJ and weep a little.

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    And here’s the answer to the question nobody was asking: What happens when you mate a Santa Fe and a Traverse? I guess they will find out what their badge is worth…

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    This is stunning. But I suspect it will be pants off road. Do they care? It hasn’t harmed BMW and it’s much much better looking

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    What a concept.

    An actual good-looking vehicle, unencumbered by nightmare Japanese anime front grilles and gratuitous nooks and crannies hiding goodness knows what, like a pathetic cheapo LED foglamp.

    Have to hope that Jag does well if only to slow down the uglification of the urban landscape. Range Rovers don’t make me barf to look at either. JLR doesn’t suffer from Cadillac styling and product angst, and manage to have three bespoke engines plus the miserable 2.0l Ford Ecoboost in the Evoque that’ll be put out to pasture soon.

    From media.GM: “Cadillac sold 263,697 vehicles worldwide in the 2014 calendar year.”

    From JLR via WSJ: “Jaguar Land Rover, the British luxury car maker owned by Tata Motors Ltd, said global sales rose 9% to 462678 in 2014.”

    And who made money? Didn’t see any $399/mo specials from JLR.

    Pity I cannot afford these Jag and RR things, as I’m inclined to give one a go, bad reliability rap and all. They look like real cars, not flights of (bad) imagination.

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      You know, you’re right.

      I mean, “as a Jaguar” this thing makes me cringe.

      But taken in a vacuum, it looks fine (at least in this view; God only knows what the front looks like – remember, the pictures we all have are of the CX-17 concept, not the final F-Pace, or so heavily camouflaged we can only guess about things like the grille).

      (I still don’t like the Evoque, even taken in a vacuum, let alone as a Rover.)

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