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UIS-CroppedSome might tell you that Cheech & Chong’s 1978 movie, Up In Smoke, was about Malaise Era drug culture, or Los Angeles, or California punk rock, but in fact it is one of the greatest car movies in cinematic history. For this reason, I have used my Svengali-like powers to convince the management of the Denver Alamo Drafthouse theater to include this fine automotive film as part of the Murilee Martin Presents series. Yes, on Monday, which just happens to be April 20, we’ll roll Up In Smoke starting at 7:30 PM.
UIS-VW211-550pxIn addition to Cheech’s ’64 Impala SS coupe, Sergeant Stedenko’s ’73 AMC Matador, and the Fiberweed™ GMC Value Van, you’ll see more incredible cars than you can count, including the Busted Nuns’ Buick Sportwagon, the Mob Guys’ 1967 Lincoln Continental, and cameos by everything from a Volkswagen 411 to a Fiat 128 Sport Coupe.
Preshow_Party-550pxThe Alamo has food and drink service right at your theater seat (sorry, Sen Dog, there’ll be no smoking your four-footer— or anything else— inside the theater). The show starts at 7:30, but show up a bit early with your interesting hoopties and we’ll have a little impromptu car show in the parking lot beforehand (as we did before we watched Duel a couple weeks back).

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9 Comments on “Cheech & Chong’s Great Car Movie Showing On the Big Screen In Denver, This 4/20 (Naturally)...”

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    Felis Concolor

    While I still can’t get the Pinzgauer rolling due to a blockage in the fuel tank line, I found someone to cover for Monday afternoon; see you at the show!

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    A Fiat 128 sl in the top shot, my first car, good times!

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    In the top photo, what’s the black coupe at the far right?

    Also, who parks an E-Type on the street between two pieces of junk! No way!

    Picture two, is that white couple an Eldorado or a Riviera? I don’t think any Caddies had horizontal lamps like that at the time.

    Edit: I see from imcdb that the white one is a GP.

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    That Impala was a rolling advertisement for J.C Whitney.

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    I think that the van they had in Next Movie was a better example of a rolling accessories catalog. Fake bubble window, pull off decals, aftermarket chain steering wheel, sweet wheels and so much more cool shit on that van.

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    cimarron typeR

    Favorite C&C scene was when they were pulled over and Cop asks for license and regis. , Cheech replies “its in the back of the car man!”
    Our old 81 Corolla wagon failed MO. state inspect. because my dad had PS pump removed after it failed after 20 years or so. Dad argued that it was still in the car in thick ,native Italian accent “EETs in da back of da CAH”. It was in the hatch, but just not attached to the car. Good times.

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