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It’s official: the 2016 Infiniti QX50 will make its debut at next week’s New York Auto Show.

MotorAuthority reports the updated crossover will takes its cues from the Chinese-market QX50 Long-Wheelbase like the one in the image above. This means a longer wheelbase for additional rear legroom and cabin space. The updated model will also have a slightly higher stance than the current model.

Potential power for the QX50 points to the same 3.7-liter V6 found solely in the crossover now, rated at 325 horsepower. Price of admission is expected to be around $35,995, the base sticker price for the 2015 edition.

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30 Comments on “New York 2015: 2016 Infiniti QX50 Ready For Debut...”

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    Are they gonna sell it in that color? Because… Wow.

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    Cool, maybe they will move up to monthly sales in the double digits and validate the existence of that dude EX35.

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    Although many are bashing this car across the internet, I personally have had a crush on it from the beginning.
    Perhaps because it is a hatch MORE than an SUV.
    The two issues I had with it was poor MPGs and poor cargo. This added length might be enough to make it my next traveler IF I find the roof rails allow me to put the remaining luggage up top. I will need to see what they give me inside for my important equipment that cannot go outside.
    But these (I include its big brother) have always been stand outs to me.

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    I’ve always been disappointed in the EX. Doesn’t seem much to recommend it, and the dated interior is nothing to write home about – just a smaller version of what was in the G in 2010. It didn’t feel especially nice either.

    And it’s ugly!

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      The EX has been Infiniti’s best looking vehicle and my secret shameful compact SUV crush for the past few years. (Subjective personal opinion, of course)

      This QX50 refresh seems to have the same basic shape (which is good) but I’ll agree with DW down below that they seem to be bloating it a bit in an attempt to keep it fresh (not good).

      Thankfully, lots of slick EX versions available at a good price.

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        Oh dear. The Verano and the EX. Ha.

        I think the bloats were unavoidable since they have just stretched it a bit, but at the same time had to apply all the curvyness and lines present through the Infiniti line now.

        Thinking of the Infiniti line – there doesn’t seem to be much space between the QX30 and the QX50 now, and I bet the QX30 is gonna eat this guy’s lunch. I’ll give the QX50 a couple more MYs before it either gets axed, or taken upmarket, to be better between the new QX30 and the FX model.

        OR, they just make a QX30 and a QX30L, and end the QX50 entirely.

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          Whats wrong with the EX? The VQ V6 is stout, and the EX is a sleek, tight design, compared to the wallowing puffer-fish FX.

          The current QX nonsense interests me not one bit.

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            No problem with the engine of course, since I have one. I feel like the EX has a look of cheapness, and slightly tall wagon about it – but masquerading as an SUV.

            If they made it more hatchback shape a la the Impreza, and sold it like that, I might be okay with it. But it would still look cheap to my eyes.

            While I didn’t like a couple years of the fish mouth FX, they cleaned it up a bit at the front for 2012 (I think) and it’s not as “gopping” now, as James May might say. The FX looks very serious in person to me.

            I don’t like this version (2010):

            I do like this version (2012):

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            Richard Chen

            QX50 back seat:

            QX50 LWB (China) back seat:

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            In the US QX photo, I say “Fix the g-d floor mat before you take a picture.”

            In the Chinese one, the floormat shape is very odd and ill-fitting, and also how does it not have a hump in the floor, FWD only over in China? Also, there’s a 3rd row in the photo. I think it’s not a QX50-LWB.

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            Richard Chen

            Sorry, should have caught that hump.




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      People who don’t like the EX generally haven’t driven one. It’s small, yes, and interior space is limited…but it’s the perfect car for the single person or couple who still want the usable space of a hatchback. The ride height increase is great for ease of access, the interior is really nicely done and feels cocooning. The ride quality is quite a bit better than the G, and it gives up very little in the handing department because its pretty low-slung. My aunt has one, and while I do have complaints (small back seat, sunroof lets in a bit too much noise, the 5-speed auto revs a bit high on the highway) it is a well-built, refined, unique, and reliable car. I’d buy one myself if I were in the market, as they are also great value used.

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      They are surprisingly fast. I have a G35 and FX45, both of them get outrun by my neighbors EX. Maybe his is a good example. My only complaint about it is that interior wise, it has less room than mine.

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        I very much wanted to like the EX when it arrived – smaller, lighter, practical (compared to anything sedan-like) with the same legendary power train.

        The limited headroom stopped me getting any further than an abortive attempt to get behind the wheel.

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    Yet another HIDEOUS Infinity (does anyone – ANYONE – here think this is attractive?) with tumors all over its bloated body.

    But will it have decent driving dynamics? If history is any guide, they will be worse than prior Infinity generations.

    At least Cadillac poached Infinity’s fast talking, man-with-a-plan, Johan de Nysschen –

    – ooops.

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    Okay, they improved on the obvious clown shoe design of its predecessor–a bit–, and at least it doesn’t look like a beluga like its big brother..but there’s still one more thing they didn’t get right.

    Real people with real feet need to get into the back seat of these vehicles once in awhile. And they still will have a fight due to the skimpy distance between the B-pillar and the rear wheel arch.

    Same for the Touraeg. Does any of their designers actually try to climb into the back seat? They ought to try it once in awhile.

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    Roberto Esponja

    Apart from being slightly stretched, how is this significantly different than the current QX50? Looks like a basic refresh to me…

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    How the hell does a 2016 model manage to look like it was designed for 2009?!

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    Poppa Gilley

    I just showed that picture to my 6 year old daughter. Her exact words were: “Ewww, it’s yucky.” From the mouths of babes…

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