Juechter: No Mid-Engine Corvette Exists

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
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juechter no mid engine corvette exists

Aside from IMSA’s Daytona Prototype class, dreams of a mid-engine Corvette will remain as such according to the icon’s chief engineer.

AutoGuide reports Tadge Juechter said as much when interviewed during an episode of “Autoline After Hours,” when the engineer was asked about the rumored “Zora” mid-engine Corvette meant to challenge the Ferrari 488 GTB and Lamborghini Huracan:

I’ll have to check that out, because I know no such car exists.

Juechter did say General Motors thought about moving the engine to a mid-rear configuration with the C7, but ultimately declined when doing so meant “sacrificing too much everyday driving comfort.”

The possibility for such a beast may still be there — if our experience with the upcoming 2017 Ford GT is anything to go by — but for now, the closest anyone will get to that unicorn is through an IMSA Driver Membership.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Keith_93 Keith_93 on Mar 16, 2015

    How many of these cars are currently manufactured? Agreed that a Corvette doesn't come up in the dictionary next to "comfortable car".

  • NotFast NotFast on Mar 16, 2015

    He didn't deny a mid-engined car, just a mid-engined Corvette. :)

  • MeJ MeJ on Mar 16, 2015

    I still think there will be a mid-engine Corvette for the next gen. What do people expect him to say? He's not going to admit they're working on one right now when it's probably 2-3 years out. I believe I've heard him say many times"...we don't talk about future product..." There'll be a mid-engine Corvette in the near future. It's really the only natural progression for the car.

  • Gzuckier Gzuckier on Mar 16, 2015

    I suspect it will never happen and the next big version change will be electric motors in each wheel hub.