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By 2017, the Chrysler brand will no longer be offered in the UK, following a move by parent company FCA to pull Lancia products (largely rebadged Chrysler vehicles) from other European markets.

While the Chrysler 300 and Ypsilon supermini never saw much fanfare in Europe, the Chrysler minivans did enjoy a following in Europe throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, though sales have tanked, down 21 percent from 2013 levels.

But FCA isn’t giving up on Europe for its American brands. The auto maker will be investing money into Jeep as it pushes for the brand to become a global player akin to an American Land Rover. According to Auto Express a Nissan Qashqai rival (presumably the replacement for the Jeep Compass/Patriot) and a full-size Grand Wagoneer are in the cards for introduction within the next three years.

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9 Comments on “FCA Axes Chrysler Brand In UK, Sheds Light On New Jeeps...”

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    This episode is a strange one in the world of car branding. In maintand Europe FCA sold Fiats under the Lancia brand alongside one or two Lancia-only bodyshells. Then they took Chryslers and badged them as Lancias while dropping the Fiat-based Lancias. That´s where we were just now with a Chrysler 300C and Town and Country sold as Lancias plus the Lancia Ypsilon and Delta. Here is where it gets complex. Lancia pulled out of the UK and Ireland in 1993 or 1994. They did sell Chrsyslers though so FCA rebadged the Lancias as Chryslers for RHD sales. They also had to convert the Eurospec Ypslilons and Deltas to right hand drive for Ireland and the UK. Sales were nugatory so there might be under 100 of these RHD converted Lancias ever made. The losses on tooling up for RHD must have been erormous. And there was type approval, perhaps. File under: Saabaru.

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    formula m

    Chrysler isn’t a very strong brand in North America, so I can’t imagine they had much going on in Europe. Dodge was relevant with the Charger/Ram/Caravan but that trio is being spread out under other brands. At least they are smart enough to whore out Jeep

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    The curse of Jeep will strike again

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    Back in the late 60’s/early 70’s after Rootes had been bought Chrysler put ads like this on UK tv. “Who can make you happy, who can make you smile – the Chrysler man can.” Then they pulled out POS like the Avenger/Cricket and 180/2.0 Litre. People bought Leyland instead – if you get my drift.

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      Roberto Esponja

      Yeah, I lived in Europe at the time, and that was a huge blunder. Chryslers had always been perceived as large, prestigious cars, and then they decided to badge these jalopies as Chryslers.

      At least in Spain they marketed (and built) a proper, almost-American-sized Dodge, which actually did well for a while there until the Arabs ruined the party in 1973.

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    Marchionne said last week that Fiat would never be a major player in Europe again, but instead sell umpteen variations of the 500 in the niche market.

    Of course, his loyalty (read fear of industrial action and political action) to Italy has Renegades being made in Melfi to fill up the sparse production lines, or there’d be trouble with a whole bunch of people waving their arms around.

    It’s such a nightmare, though. They have a full out production plant making Multiair turbos in the US, and the Tigershark 2.4 is also made in Michigan and Mexico. These engines have to crated and sent to Italy to be installed in North American-bound Renegades. Very efficient.

    So now it’s time for FCA to cash in on the Jeep brand worldwide to keep the ship afloat outside North America where Chrysler?Dodge/Ram and of course real Jeeps sell very well. And while they’re at it, cut out the silly one-off Lancias/Chryslers etc. they are selling in Europe, as the article mentions.

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    Sergio is doing what Ford already did, pulling back in mainland Europe. Ford, though, is staying invested in the UK. Anybody who reads the financial pages knows that, while Europe is a large market, it has the Sword of Damocles hanging over it in the form of the Euro crisis with Greece, and Italy is getting closer to a massive default that would blow everything up. FCA can survive as a Western Hemisphere company by limiting its exposure to Europe and the Euro. That’s why their financials are based in London.

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    “So now it’s time for FCA to cash in on the Jeep brand worldwide to keep the ship afloat outside North America where Chrysler?Dodge/Ram and of course real Jeeps sell very well. And while they’re at it, cut out the silly one-off Lancias/Chryslers etc. they are selling in Europe, as the article mentions.”
    No sales of Dodge or Ram outside NA . Jeep is FCA as a Automobile manufacturer for everyone outside NA and has reasonable sales

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    While Fiat stepped in and saved Chrysler (getting a great deal in the process), it’s Chrysler (largely due to Jeep and Ram) that will save Fiat in the long run.

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