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Bowing at the 2015 Cleveland Auto Show this weekend, the Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Boss is the latest in a series of trim packages for GM’s truck line.

The Trail Boss trim pairs the Z71’s off-road suspension package with “more aggressive tires and additional appearance enhancements” on Colorados in extended and crew-cab configurations with either a short or long bed and optional 4WD. Power remains the Z71’s 3.6-liter V6, which sends its 305 horses to either the back or all corners through a six-speed automatic.

The aforementioned “aggressive tires” are Goodyear Wrangler DuraTracs mounted over 17-inch painted cast-aluminum wheels. Front fog lamps, projector beam headlamps, spray-on bedliner, automatic locking diff, and GearOn cargo accessories are some of the additional features included.

Those who opt for the Trail Boss trim can expect to pay an additional $3,320 over the price of the standard Z71 package — starting at $34,115 — when the trim hits showrooms this spring.

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22 Comments on “Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Boss Newest Addition To GM Truck Trim Lineup...”

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    Isn’t the G80 ‘slip then grip’ locker on the Z71 anyhow? Or just an option? Because I don’t see how a $700 set of tires justifies the cost of the package.

    As discussed on the ‘other’ site, chevy could have made a “baby raptor” or at least something to stand up to the Tacoma TRD Pro with some longer travel suspension. But no, they just turned it into a lame, overpriced package of gnarly looking tires. Now to be fair, those tires will make a world of difference offroad vs the rather mild, road biased tires we usually see on offroad package trucks (Pro X4 nissans, Toyota Tacoma TRD and 4Runner Trail).

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      Carlson Fan

      They haven’t even filled the dealer pipeline with the standard trucks yet. The diesel is no where in sight . Who really expected they would offer a raptor type truck with a completely re-engineered suspension so soon.

      Also the spray in bedliner on my new truck 11 years ago cost me $300, so that brings the package cost down to $400.

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        “…can expect to pay an additional $3,320 over the price of the standard Z71 package”

        I was saying the tires go for about $700 a set on tirerack and such.

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          Carlson Fan

          Yep, I missed that. Your right that package seems expensive for what you get. Give a me standard truck and I’ll use that money for upgrading to a a diesel as I have zero use or desire for an off road raptor style PU anyways.

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      The Z71 package on the Colorado is NOT an offroad package. It is the designation for the Colorado’s highest trim level. That is confusing since Z71 is an offroad package on the Si8lverado.

      This is just an accessory bundle with a set of Duratrac’s thrown in for good measure.

      What they need is a chin spoiler/facia delete option and a steel offroad bumper in its place.

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    I love that this is just an appearance package. Don’t ever change, GM.

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    There is something proportionally out of whack with the look of these new “mid-size” trucks. I’m not sure if it’s the glass area or the way the extended cabs look, but somethings just not right. It just looks to tall in the middle in proportion to the width.

    Of course these mid-sizers suffer from the same ailment that all new trucks do, the bed is effectively to high off the ground to be that useful. When you see a new GM or Ford parked to it’s counterpart from 10-20 years ago, the difference in height and size is pretty stark.

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      If you actually use it like a truck and load it down to its maximum payload, the bed will be the same height as the old ones are when empty. If you do that with the old ones, the bed will be close to dragging on the ground–yes, there is such a thing as too low.

      Not saying it’s not a b!tch sometimes to get into the bed. This is probably a bad example, but I made the mistake of backing our ’08 F-350 (offroad 4×4 package=2″ factory lift) up a small incline to load in some concrete blocks, and I shouldn’t have been surprised when the tailgate came up to my chest.

      EDIT: …To respond to your first comment, I think it’s the slight upturn in the rear window, combined with the smaller glass area overall, as well as the aforementioned height, that make new midsizers look ungainly.

      Have we seen any 4×2 models out and about yet? All I’ve seen are crew cab/6′ bed 4x4s.

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    My neighbor just picked up an extended cab reg bed 2wd with 4cyl. It looks nice, but is still tall like a 4wd. It looks about the same size as a Tacoma PreRunner.

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      Land Ark

      I’ve got to write a review about the Colorado I have at work. 4cyl 4×4 extended cab W/T
      I have parked it next to a late model Silverado extended cab and it’s about 8 inches shorter. It is definitely not a small truck.

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    I agree, the new Tacomas have the same basic design with the rear side glass kickup, and it just doesn’t look balanced. I’ll be glad to see glass area increase and get away from the current trend that kills visibility.

    FWIW this is the direction I wish they’d go, one of the best looking compact/midsize trucks ever built:

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    I’m going to guess those side steps won’t function as slider. The chin spoiler doesn’t scream “trail boss” to me, either.

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    Not sure about the name on this one. “Trail Boss” is very… tacky.

    And is it just me or is $34k a bit dear?

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    Zr2 with the 4.3 from the Silverado or nothing

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