By on March 30, 2015

BMW i8

Been waiting a while for your BMW i8? You might not be waiting for too much longer.

Autoblog reports production of the hybrid supercar is increasing from 10 units a day to 20. Demand for the i8 has led to waiting lists as long as four months for customers wanting to take home the $135,000 vehicle.

The i Series overall has done well for itself in 2014, BMW stating that it sold over 18,000 i3s and i8s that year; a third of those sales went to the United States. Sales of the i8 amounted to 555 units in the same period, with an additional 198 sold during the first two months of this year.

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11 Comments on “BMW To Double i8 Production To Meet Demand...”

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    Glad to see production increasing. I see a few i3’s in my area and I’ve seen one i8. Beautiful in person. I’m sure I’ll see more once the production numbers come up.

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    I drove the i8 here in NYC. I got watched by everyone like it was a Lamborghini or Veyron.

    The paint job is striking and the gullwing doors are sharp, but other than that – you’d be better off with an M3 or M5. This thing costs ridiculously and you get nothing out of it beyond having a car with exotic doors.

    For the price of an i8, you’d be far better off with a P85D.

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      “This thing costs ridiculously and you get nothing out of it beyond having a car with exotic doors.”

      Except it’s electric. If this exact car were a MOPAR product, you’d be raving and we’d read paragraphs about it every day.

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      Wait, how and why are you comparing an i8 to an M3/M5? That doesn’t even make sense.

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    I’ve seen several i3s, but no i8 yet! I am very certain it will catch my eye. I would want mine in bronze metallic. I also must give kudos to BMW for really going with a concept style interior on both the i3 and i8. Most companies never actually pull the trigger on that kind of thing, it’s always lost between show debut and being parked in your garage.

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      I agree, although that blue looks great. I’ve spent some time inside the i3. The look and materials were great and I was very surprised at how spacious it was.

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        For me it was just the opposite. I spend sometime in the i3 and i8. The i3 seemed to me Civic like materials on the inside. Not bad mind you just not want I was prepared for. The i8 on the other hand is gorgeous (IMO) inside and out. I have only seen one i8 in the wild here in Jax FL and maybe five different i3’s. I want an i8 in a bronze or like my CX9 black cherry.

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    SCE to AUX

    I’ll take one just like the picture – yum.

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    Last time BMW did a low volume, good looking GT, it worked out pretty well for them. The secondary market value on it alone should be pretty impressive, assuming anyone actually sells theirs, ever.

    I’m just kind of sad that if the i8 follows the trend of the z8, I’m NEVER going to own one.

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    I saw one parked on Bloor St. Toronto’s Bloor West Village last week, this trick is low slung. It was like a street scene out of Back to the Future Part II lol

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    I love BMW`s
    but the thought of the technology combined with the service cost scares the
    heck out of me(a 740 owner)

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