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The CT6 will be the first in an onslaught of Cadillac products, part of a $12 billion campaign to turn the brand around. Why Cadillac is showing a teaser is beyond me, since the car got its debut during a Super Bowl ad that plays constantly on major networks.

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49 Comments on “Another Teaser Photo Of The Cadillac CT6...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Perhaps the cloth is going back over it, and they intend to kill it.

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    How is this exciting at all???
    They’ve already shown what the car looks like without a cover…

    IT’s nice to see that Lincoln and Cadillac have major competitors coming but I’m more interested in a sneak peak under the hood…

    …for a V8.

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    It sure has a big ol’ chrome grin on it

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    I call BS – photographs that are (obviously) released by manufacturers are not “leaked”, they are “released”.

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    I wish to God I was allowed to work on that car’s standard features.

    -Heated/Cooled/massage seats.
    -Brembo braking system with 15″ rotors.
    -Supercharged LSA from the CTS-V with a sport mode and a “normal mode”.
    -An interior that made Mercedes S-class cry.
    -an even more aggressive exterior.

    I’d demand $100,000 and I’d get every penny of it.

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    Blatant PR move attempting to divert attention from the Continental.

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    At the very least they could have chosen an angle/feature that doesn’t look identical to the CTS. Are we sure that Cadillac took a picture of the right car?

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      The CT6 will look just like a plus sized CTS, as it does in the commercials.

      12 billion allocated for Cadillac via Johan’s demands (plus a move to SoHo, and a new ad agency with a rather bizarre marketing campaign), and the 1st fruit of that effort will be delivered with a whimper tonight.

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        To be fair wasn`t this car pretty much decided upon before Johan took over? If that is the case then isn`t it unfair to criticize him for something he didn`t have much of a role in. The next wave of vehicles coming out 2016 onwards will be more of a test of his ability.

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        I don’t mind them using the Audi approach — i.e., same car in small, medium and large. Their design language seems to get larger well, but looks a bit taxed shrinking down to the smaller ATS. At least they managed to make the non-wreath grill look okay in this iteration.

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        A whimper? It will be more powerful, lighter, handle better, cost less, and look better than anything from Germany or Japan in the segment…..but it will roll out in a whimper. I’m buying you some Butt-Hurt-Be-Gone cream on Amazon and having it drop-shipped to you.

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    Oh gee! I wonder what it’s going to look like? It couldn’t possibly look exactly like a slightly blown up CTS. No, it will be totally different and exciting. I’m trembling with antici-pation.

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    The fanboys over at gminside news are creaming their khakis over this photo, fainting & what not, declaring the CT6 as the most stylish, highest quality, most luxurious vehicle ever built (it’s all highly entertaining):

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    After being teased with the Elmiraj concept, which generated immediate lusting and desire, I am not easily impressed by the CT6 teasers. The brand needs stunning winners to build and maintain buzz and momentum. I think Cadillac is taking the Audi approach: same face / stance / proportions on all of its sedans, distinguished only by scale.

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    Bore greatly.

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    I’m ASTOUNDED. Someone else gets “it:”

    “Cadillac’s Problem Isn’t The Germans, It’s The Koreans”

    The Hyundai Genesis (in base form, at that) comes better equipped, better built, with better fit/finish/interior materials, with more front & rear seat (and trunk) room, with more horsepower from a larger V6, for $34,000! than the ATS, CTS, XTS or…likely, the CT6 (at half the price).

    I’ve been saying this for a year and a 1/2 now.

    Forget about BMW, MB & Audi, Cadillac.

    Your real competition that’s going to choke you out is the likes of Hyundai (and Lexus).

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    I applaud Lincoln for having the good sense to drop the MK whatever in favor of reviving the much revered Continental name. I hope this spreads through the rest of the Lincoln lineup. Cadillac should follow suit..

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    Gather round the table kiddos, lets do some BUSINESS MATH.

    In business there is a term called SIMPLE PAYBACK. It is the number of years it takes for an investment to pay you back. So if you replace an air conditioner in your house for $5,000, and it saves you $2,000 a year in HVAC energy costs, that is $5000/$2000= 2.5 year simple payback.

    I’m going to use Edmunds TMV as what GM is selling and profiting on Cadillac transactions and GCBC for sales figures, then adjust up for global. GCBC says Caddy sold 170K cars in the US/Canada and GM says they sold 263K globally in 2014. Of that total 140K are non Escalades sold in the US. Here’s the real problem. On pretty much every Cadillac that isn’t an Escalade sold in the US, GM is losing between $1000-1500 dollars:

    assuming factory invoice = cost. There may be some wiggle room but until someone says otherwise I’m going with $1000 LOST on every non-Escalade Cadillac sold in the US. Altogether that’s $140M in the hole every year.

    GM wants to sink $12,000M into Caddy over the next 5 years so let’s set 5 years as the minimum acceptable payback (i.e. they should be making money by the time they are done spending it). Average transaction margin (MSRP minus invoice) is about $3000 on the non Escalades, so that’s $420M in the black on top of the $140M they are losing or $560M each year.


    $12,000M/$560M = 21 years!!!!!!!

    “OK but luxury cars are generally way more profitable than that, German averages 22% profit margin on revenue”

    OK, fine. Lets assume a $50K average transaction price and that 22% profit margin across the global portfolio. We can even assume sales will increase to 400K. Let’s also assume outside the US Cadillac is already profitable, and that sales in the US will increase from this investment up to an even 200K for non-Escalade US Cadillacs.

    .22 * 50,000 transaction price * 200,000 ATSs, CTSs, XTSs and SRXs = $2.2B

    12/2.2 = 5.5 years

    So if everything goes JUST RIGHT- their cars become MORE profitable AND they sell MORE of them, it’s not likely they will even begin to recoup within the investment period. That they are doing this CT6 rather than a new SRX or small CUV says to me they are not going to spend the money wisely. Infiniti is no better off after JdN’s tenure. This is a G-D MESS!!!!!!!

    O and DeadWeight dont even bother responding to this, your input is not needed on this one.

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      I’ll respond b/c you possibly (probably) don’t understand important, quantifiable, reliable investment constructs such as ROI, EBITDA, ROE, EVA, etc., which make your example overly simplistic, deeply flawed, and which UNDERESTIMATES both the current losses Cadillac is likely accruing, overestimates the returns Cadillac could achieve on a 12 billion capex, and uses a ridiculous time table for assuming recoupment of that capex.

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        IOW, and with all due respect, your correct in your assertion that Cadillac is in horrible shape, but you vastly underestimate the degree of horrible-ness of the shape that Cadillac is in because your rough model is too simplistic.

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        I kept it simple because I don’t have all the info necessary to really dive deep. I can’t do NPV for example without knowing what GM’s internal discount rate is. However if you have the inside scoop please expound more. How do you know Cadillac is losing more? What is a reasonable return Caddy could achieve on a 12B capital expense? Etc etc. If I’m wrong explain how or keep quiet as your chicken littleing on Caddy w/next to no substantiation is getting very tired.

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        and both of you ignore the trickle down of Caddilac technologies to Chevy, Buick, GMC, Opel, etc.

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      This whole thing fell apart right here:

      “assuming factory invoice = cost.”

      Car companies frequently sell vehicles below factory invoice using discounts. There’s barely a full size pickup that doesn’t sell below factory invoice yet the manufacturers still reap nice profits on them.

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    So, that other website has released the CT6 early, and big surprise, it looks like a LWB CTS.


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    Pretty excited for this. The CTS bested the competition on the track and real world driving. Looking forward to test driving this down Woodward!

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    It’s a six-window greenhouse, not four like the CTS or ATS.

    It’s also MUCH MUCH BIGGER than the CTS. The new platform shows in the size.

    But I don’t feel like, at least from the few photos so far, it has the charisma of the cars Cadillac says it wants to compete against — the A7s and CLSes of the world.

    Instead my first impression is that Cadillac has given us the second-generation CTS again, but one size up — a “tweener” that competes in size with the full-size Germans but in prestige only with the midsizers. To succeed, they’ll have to price it like the midsizers. But that’s right on top of their MSRP range for the current CTS.

    Unfortunately that means we’ll have to listen to Deadweight further exaggerate the large discounts Cadillac will need to offer.

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    The only three alpha-named Cadillacs I would buy are: ETC, DTS and STS.
    Just took delivery of the 2000 ETC last evening.

    Considered ordering the California license plates SST STS (the configuration is still available) for future use.

    I’m in southern California, where all the third-world lowlifes drive Kias and Hyundais – they don’t know what an American car is!

    Still love those final year 2011 DTS machines!

    The “name” CT6 is absolutely ridiculous (Anderson Cooper, get this on your ridiculist!)…

    If a “CTS” is a thing, then it somehow follows that CT6 is a smaller CTS with a V6 engine, which the CTS already has.

    Someone get that Mr. deKnowNuthing Cadillac General Manager out of GM and back to the JapCr*p company he already destroyed. He can then finish turning Inifintis into Datsuns again.

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