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At roughly 21 feet long, the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman is the successor to the legendary Mercedes 600 Pullman (aka the Großer Mercedes) – it will be made for dignitaries and heads of state and cost a bloody fortune.

Powered by a twin-turbo V12 engine, the Pullman will feature a 2+2+2 seating arrangement, as well as other 0.01 percent features like a glass partition (that changes from transparent to opaque via an electronic switch), electrically sliding curtains and a full armoring package. All in, a fully loaded Pullman with armoring will cost about $1-million.


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18 Comments on “Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Revealed...”

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    They should have just put the original 600 back into production with updated infotainment. Silent hydraulic power features are real luxury, and the styling of the Grosser Benz makes the new car look like a suppository.

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    The styling of the Greaser Benz looks very good to me.

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    Once I saw this ugly-ass car up ahead, I thought maybe it was something new from pre-stylish Hyundai. As I got closer I noticed that the car tailing it, and dwarfed by the monstrosity, was an S600. It dawned on me that the hideous behemoth was none-other than the Maybach. I am sure it is a nice place to sit in, hopefully your security detail will keep you from being able to see the exterior as you approach it.

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    Does the diamond/checkerboard stitch pattern ruin the interior for anyone else?

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      Amen brother. And why the tunnel down the spine? Why do I want to be confined to “my side”? Why wouldn’t I want my 21 FOOT LIMOUSINE to feel spacious?

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      The diamond tuck stitching looked cheap on the transmission tunnel of my 240Z, imagine what I think of it on a Mercedes Maybach. And while I’m thinking of Maybach, didn’t fans begin ignoring the past Maybach when it began to be associated with Donald Trump, the king of poor taste? Doesn’t the term ‘Mercedes 600 Pullman’ offer enough status on its own? I think it does. And, looking at the Mercedes-Maybach and the original 600 Pullman along side it, Don’t you wonder just how much more would a real 600 Pullman of the 1963-1981 era and fully restored set you back? I know I do.

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      Yes, I’m really tired of the quilted leather fad. It’s in EVERYTHING now, including Kia Optimas. It’s not that fancy.

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    My garage is only 20′ deep, darn ;-)

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    The new car for kings, presidents and dictators.
    I like it but it´s too big for me to park. Ok, let the haters reply.

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    V-12 and armor plating? So a V6 Camry should be able to outrun it.

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    I’d rather that armoured Suburban with a roof turret, thank you.

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    For 1.2 million, you get the mogul package. Chameleon paint, 30″ rims and a backlit display case for your hiphop record of the year award.
    Now I’m feeling so fly like a G6
    Like a G6, Like a G6
    Now I’m feeling so fly like a Maybach
    Like a Maybach, Like a Maybach
    Now I’m feeling so fly like a Maybach

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    The window trim is very offensive, and looks like something from Auto Zone. The interior is TOO quilted. Not every surface needs it! And I agree about the room partition down the middle. I want to lounge around, and move seats as I please – don’t confine me to one space.

    You know what’s a good dignitary conveyance which does not have any of the garish ridiculousness? The Toyota Century.

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    What is this fascination among European premium brands with quilted interiors. Almost without exception they cheapen the appearance. They will forever remind me of Tijuana vinyl upholstery jobs from the 50’s, as seen in photos of so many vintage California customs. In the Maybach, the quilting actually reminds me of pieces of Grandma’s bedspread scattered throughout the interior like doilies. Quilted kneepads on the consoles, really?

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    $1-million is not so high ..

    There’s a lot of fat nouveau-riche who love ‘prestige’ and can afford it..

    How many workers (and ‘work-hours’) ‘slave-workers’ need to perform to sponsor that car for their ‘beloved’ Boss-master .. ?!? :)

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