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Though set to appear next month in Geneva, the Honda Civic Type R drifted through a video showing a few of the automaker’s latest and greatest.

Per Autoblog, the video, titled “Keep Up,” shows the hot hatch drifting across the screen for one second in the 55-second video, which also showed Honda’s HondaJet, Jazz and ASIMO products, all with words of encouragement rapidly flashing over the desert environment.

Power for the Type R is a 2-liter VTEC turbo-four pushing 280 to 300 horsepower to the front wheels, and was recently teased to have round foglamps, as opposed to the video’s bladed LEDs.

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21 Comments on “Geneva 2015: New Honda Civic Type R Drifts Through Video Before Debut...”

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    Someone from Honda Fanatic (TM) will have to correct me if I’m wrong here:

    Old Civic R = Integra
    And then Civic R = RSX
    Civic SI not = Civic R, ever

    And why don’t we get the R here?
    Do/have they offered an R with AWD?
    What’s pricing like compared to the Focus ST and GTI/Golf R?

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      juicy sushi

      Not a Honda fanatic, but the Integra was never a Civic Type-R, we did get the first Integra Type-R, but never a Civic Type-R. The RSX was the final generation Integra in the rest of the world, and we didn’t get the Type-R version of that either. Yes, the SI was never a Type-R.

      Honda didn’t think they would sell well here, I guess. They never have had AWD, and we’ll have to see how much Europe and maybe Japan will pay to own them. You can look forward to buying your own used example in 2040.

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      The Integra was always the Integra (except where the last one was renamed the RSX). It shares the Civic’s chassis, and while it was called the _Honda_ Integra outside of North America, it wasn’t badged as a Civic abroad.

      I loved the RSX/Integra, by the way.

      I don’t think we ever got the R in North America, but the Si/SIR were close enough; the only addition was suspension tuning; the engine wasn’t much different. We didn’t get the last R, which is just as well: the Si had a better rear suspension and just as much power, whereas the European R has a suspension setup like the Fit’s which is great for interior space but not quite as capable in ultimate terms.

      They’re nice enough cars, but they’re hot-hatches in European sense: good suspension+not very fast, rather like the C1 SVT Focus or MSP Protege.

      ETA: we don’t get the Civic-R here because it’s a different car. Honda would have to spend a lot of money to certify a five-door hatch that’s slower than the existing Si and less profitable than the ILX.

      The ST and Golf R are more capable and much more expensive cars: more WRX/STI than this.

      I’d like to see a four-door Civic R hatch with an Acura interior badged as the next RSX. I’d also like a pony.

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        “It shares the Civic’s chassis, and while it was called the _Honda_ Integra outside of North America, it wasn’t badged as a Civic abroad.”

        Kinda, there is a big asterisk there. The RSX/4th gen Integra had a 1/2″ wider wheel track than the Civic and a 2″ shorter wheelbase. The suspension and subframes are cribbed directly from the Civic but the two chassis are a little different.

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        juicy sushi

        The engines were substantially different in the Type-R’s. Hence the reason swaps for those motors/parts were so popular with the early 2000s import tuning crowd. The Civic SiR here had a radically detuned version of the 200-220hp K20 that Europe and Japan got.

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        The top RSX ever offered in the US was the RSX Type-S with the dealer installed A-Spec package staring in ’04. Same drivetrain, but more aggressive tires, 1/2″ lowered stiffer suspension tune, and lots of aero body bits, including a pretty ridiculous rear wing. In my mind, it really marked the end of the word-we-no-longer-use-that-rhymes-with “slicer” era, despite the Civic Si soldiering on through the years.
        Personally, I will be so sad when I finally retire my ’02 RSX Type-S in sleeper desert silver metallic, no wing, untinted windows. Such a fun, reliable and useful car. I doubt I’ll even look at this Civic–it’s just too overdone and not for me.

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        The engines in the European and Japanese type-r have typically been different to the Si. They are related, but the type-r has generally had more power, taking advantage of the higher market price, higher octane fuel and possibly the different durability and maintenance expectations in the European and Japanese markets.

        Essentially each region has had its own version of the Type-R that is tailored to the local market. In the US it is a Honda “Si” or a “type-s” in the case of the acura badged integra (which is itself essentially a civic coupe), and typically lower cost, higher comfort and less extreme than the other markets. Europe has been somewhere in the middle and stuck with a hatch for the last generation when US and japan were sedans, Japan has typically had the most extreme performance versions.

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    Wake me when the Asimo Type R gets here…

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    DC Bruce

    300 hp to the front wheels? That should be real interesting (whoa, Nellie!), and plenty entertaining. On a more serious note, I’ve never seen a more stubborn bunch of engineers than the ones who work at Honda. When everyone else zigs, they zag.
    Or maybe they don’t know — and don’t care — what everyone else is doing.

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    Looks like it’s got front double wishbones!

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    Mr. Orange

    I never thought I would see the day were torque and a stock Honda Civic existed together. Finally one that I would be interested in. That is if it is Coming to America.

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    A ILX-R would do a lot to renew the internet fanboys faith in Acura. It would have to perform well against Audi’s S3, Focus ST etc because I see all the hot rod reviewers doing comparisons tests. But I just don’t think Acura is willing to chase that market if they ever did.

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    Civ R will be cheaper than Focus or Golf cause it’s front drive. It’ll take sales. Honda’s on to something with online pricing.

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