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Now that you’ve all sufficiently recovered from your New Year’s festivities, I’d like to welcome you all to the 2015 edition of TTAC. It’s been roughly 18 months since the, *ahem* mid-cycle refresh, and just four months since Jack departed the EIC post (but not the site), to spend more time with his guitar collection.

For 2015, we will be making some changes, but nothing in the way of subtraction. Get ready to see more

  • Car reviews: Not just new car reviews of press fleet vehicles, but reviews of rental cars, Zipcars, used cars, reader cars, barely running cars. If we can get access to it, we will review it (and we’ll accept your review as well).
  • New faces – and some familiar ones too: To riff on Donald Rumsfeld, there will be “known knowns”; there are contributors we know that we haven’t seen in a while, for various reasons, but will be returning throughout the year.. There are known unknowns; new contributors that have not yet been introduced to the readers. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know about yet. I’m most excited to see who we discover in 2015. And I’m hoping that contributions from the B&B will be a new source of talent for us. And unlike other sites,  we will pay you for your submissions.
  • New stories: Expect to see a return of the popular “While You Were Sleeping Series”, and a pilot project that will see us reboot our coverage of used car auctions and try out more data driven features. There will be continued auto show coverage, sales analysis, editorials on new products, the state of the industry, regulatory issues and other topics that you’ve come to expect from us.
  • Forum activitywe are working on revamping the forum to use more modern vBulletin software. This is as thorough a revamp as switching from a body-on-frame, carbureted engine/Powerglide setup to a modern unibody/EFI layout with a new ZF 8-speed. I know that for some readers, this analogy could be taken as a negative development. Trust me, it’s anything but.
  • Transparency: In addition to our [email protected] email, you can also call us at 416 341 8950 x 263.

And last but not least

  • The same commitment to honesty, integrity and delivering The Truth About Cars that you’ve come to expect since the inception of this site in 2001.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year, filled with quality writing, spirited debate and reading the article before leaving a comment.



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