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2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel HFE

Ram isn’t satisfied with wanting Baja Valley, as the brand sets its sights on Green Valley with the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel HFE leading the charge.

Joining the original 1500 EcoDiesel in the lush foothills below Truck Mountain, the HFE improves the former with extensive use of aero throughout. The result is an EPA-certified 29 mpg on the highway, 21 mpg in the city, and a combined rating of 24 mpg, besting the nearest competitor by 12 percent in the fuel economy game.

The HFE is based on the 1500 Tradesman Quad Cab, boasts a 6-ft, 4-in bed, and rides upon 20-inch wheels. The truck can also be had with the Ram Express’ body-colored face for a more sporty appearance over the standard EcoDiesel. Other exclusives include wheel-to-wheel side steps, a tri-fold tonneau cover, and an HFE badge showing off how awesome it is at saving diesel fuel; considering the fuel’s current price per gallon, that might mean something.

The 2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel HFE is expected to arrive in showrooms late in Q1 2015.

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17 Comments on “NAIAS 2015: 2015 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel HFE Adds Aero For High Fuel Efficiency...”

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    I thought those fuel economy numbers were already in place for the current 2WD truck.
    I was hoping to see the magic 30.

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    29 mpg highway for a full size PU is pretty stout.

    Currently there is >$1/gal gap between E10 and ULSD in the midwest.

    If that continues for any length of time it has to bias consumers back toward gas I’d think, except at the HD end where it’s all about torque.

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    “…the HFE improves the former with extensive use of aero throughout.”

    Beyond the front bumper and the tonneau cover, what else was done to improve aerodynamics? The extensive changes aren’t apparent in the press photos.

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      When I opened this site and saw only the headline with “aero” I immediately feared a 30-degree A-pillar and 6″ high windows.

      But thankfully it’s still the same beautiful Ram 1500.

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        “I immediately feared a 30-degree A-pillar and 6″ high windows.”

        I personally wouldn’t mind this, but I see the point.

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          See the little man peeking out of the Central Fire Control bubble on this B-29:

          That’s how we’ll be driving in 5 years. And we won’t even get to have the machine guns.

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      The press release was designed with the aid of a wind tunnel. (Lots of hot air.)

      • 0 avatar

        Dodge (sorry, RAM) made quite a tempest about the breeze cheating ability of it’s new Eco Diesel in an attempt to leave the competition breathless, but alas, it was all a blusterous huff of flatus.

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      “Beyond the front bumper and the tonneau cover, what else was done to improve aerodynamics? ”

      You’d be surprised how much can be done to reduce drag and turbulence underneath a vehicle, especially one that’s not low to the ground.
      That said, I have no specific knowledge about whether that applies to this truck.

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      I agree, where’s the aero? Those 20″ wheels and side steps can’t be helping the cause.

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    SCE to AUX

    The 3.0 diesel is a very affordable option on this truck. My friend’s new RAM Ecodiesel is legit, getting 27-28 mpg highway.

    This HFE option had better be cheap, or it’s not worth the money to go to 29 mpg.

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    Believe it or not those running boards that stretch from wheel arch to wheel arch improve mpg.

    20 inch tires on a HFE?

    1500 Tradesman Quad Cab with 6.4 bed is a basic truck. one of the lightest from Ram. Even if this is a few grand more one can view it as an appearance package. A 1 mpg gain is just a secondary bonus.

    If one looks at the admission price to a diesel and factor in DEF a V6 Pentastar might be a better option.

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      Yeah, but gas won’t always be $2.00/gallon and the gulf between the two fuel prices won’t be so large. Full size trucks have pretty good resale, especially diesels. I don’t think you’ll really lose with the EcoDiesel. I’d much rather go with this over an EcoBoost Ford. Around western PA, the hills kill the mileage no matter what you drive, but especially anything with a gas turbo. I don’t think diesels suffer as much. Worth 5k over the Pentastar? Maybe not, but the drivability where I live might make it worth it. Or possibly the flat lands with mostly highway driving.

      If they want a fuel economy battle along with payload and towing, why not just make the HFE stuff standard and raise the price slightly?

      I’ve always liked Ford trucks over everyone else, but the recent Rams have me rethinking that.

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        You can’t only look at the losses at the pump. Too many other losses with diesels. I wouldn’t go with the Eco Boost either. But the Hemi or Coyote would do just fine with FE, power and over all savings.

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        @gearhead77 –
        HFE includes a tire that would be useless on any surface other than dry pavement

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          I see, LRR tires. So as soon as it needs tires, you’re going to lose about a mile per gallon. Well, OK, probably not. But so many people pay zero attention to tires, hence the Linglong or any other Chinese tires I see rolling around.

          Especially in 20 inch size, because no one thinks about replacing 20″ rubber (among other things) when they buy a car either. My sister was shocked when her 06 Eclipse GT with 18″ wheels needed new tires, though my brother and I warned her to stick with the 17’s for that reason. Now that 17 is the norm, it’s not as bad, but still pricey.

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    Why not offer an option box on every 4×2 1500 that would allow you to choose the areo enhancements if you want? Sure it might only get you .10% on a Hemi but let the consumer decide.

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