Mercedes-Benz Set To Announce Move To Atlanta

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
mercedes benz set to announce move to atlanta

Sources that Mercedes-Benz will announce Tuesday that their headquarters will move from Northern New Jersey to Atlanta, Georgia.

The move is the latest in a series of relocations to the South. Last year, TTAC was the first to break news of Toyota’s move from Los Angeles to Dallas. Nissan previously departed Los Angeles for Nashville, Tennessee.

Atlanta offers several benefits for Mercedes-Benz, from easier access to already used ports in Georgia to direct commercial flights into Alabama, where Mercedes-Benz operates a large assembly plant. Mercedes was said to be considering Raleigh, North Carolina as another finalist.

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  • Steve Lynch Steve Lynch on Jan 06, 2015

    One other factor in MBUSA's move is the difficulty of getting talented field people and new hires to relocate to New Jersey. Five years ago, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services quietly closed their Southern California buying center and moved it to Fort Worth, Texas for similar reasons why MBUSA is moving from Montvale to Atlanta.

  • Master Baiter Master Baiter on Jan 06, 2015

    I grew up in the Chicago area, lived in Atlanta for 13 years and now the Bay Area for the last 6 years. What's great about Atlanta? ALTA (tennis) In-town restaurants and bars Low cost of living and low taxes Access to world class airport Smooth roads Great architecture in some of the homes Good suburban schools No snow or sub-zero weather What's not so great? In-town vagrants, homeless, and general thug coefficient is pretty high in many areas Summer heat and humidity In-town schools are bad, except for Decatur Suburban traffic Salaries are lower, in line with cost-of-living differences No quick access to ocean or beaches Not bike friendly (compared to Bay Area) Rural areas are reminiscent of scenes from Deliverance

  • Raresleeper Raresleeper on Jan 06, 2015

    Meh. Taxes.

  • Seth1065 Seth1065 on Jan 06, 2015

    Well I gotta eat some crow, I said MB would stay in NJ after they get their fair share of tax rebates, have fun in Hotlanta MB,