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Land Rover Discovery Sport2014 was a record-setting year for the Land Rover brand in the United States, and the brand accomplished this feat even though the majority of Land Rover sales were generated by upper-crust Range Rover vehicles.

With the Discovery Sport set to arrive shortly in place of the oft-rejected LR2 (née Freelander), the potential for greater growth at the Land Rover brand becomes much more apparent.

• 51,465 Land Rovers sold in America in 2014

• Two top tier models account for six out of every ten Land Rover sales

• Discovery Sport expected to be volume model

60% of Land Rover sales in the U.S. in 2014 were produced by the Range Rover Sport (base price: $63,350) and Range Rover (base price: $83,495). The Range Rover Evoque, a very premium-priced small luxury utility, was the brand’s third-ranked vehicle. The Evoque was responsible for nearly a quarter of all Land Rover sales, more than the LR2 and LR4 combined.

Combined sales of the Range Rover trio rose 9% to 43,167. Land Rover sold more Range Rover Sports than at any time since 2006, its first full year on sale. Range Rover sales rose to a nine-year high. Range Rover Evoque volume increased for the third consecutive year. 34,990 Evoques have been sold since the nameplate went on sale in the U.S. early in the fourth-quarter of 2011.Jaguar Land Rover U.S. sales chart

Regardless of status – luxury, premium, upmarket, volume, mainstream, niche – it’s very unusual to see a brand ignited by its most costly models. At BMW, for example, the brand’s two entry-level car lines and two entry-level utilities account for 61% of U.S. sales.

Look at Mazda on the opposite side of the coin: only 23% of its sales are produced by its flagship sedan and top-tier crossover, the 6 and CX-9. At Audi, it’s the A3, A4, Q3, and Q5 that do the heavy lifting (to the tune of 59% of all Audi USA sales), not the A6, A7, A8, R8, and Q7, which account for only 31% of Audi sales.

Land Rover
Range Rover Sport 17,897 15,976 12.0%
Range Rover 12,830 12,221 5.0%
Range Rover Evoque 12,440 11,405 9.1%
LR4 4,679 7,093 -34.0%
LR2 3,619 3,315 9.2%
Land Rover Total 51,465 50,010 2.9%

Thus, if Land Rover’s top-tier Range Rover models continue to steadily increase their popularity but are finally joined by an entry-level variant that bears a traditional portion of the burden, Land Rover’s record-setting sales accumulation is likely to expand at a much faster pace than it did in 2014.

Range Rover SportOverall new vehicle sales rose 6% and SUV/crossover sales were up 12%. Land Rover, which did indeed sell more SUVs than at any time in its history, only posted a 3% year-over-year improvement. Even if Discovery Sport sales begin at mid-pack levels in the small luxury utility vehicle arena – 20,000 annual U.S. sales, for instance – and the brand’s other models failed to increase their volume, Land Rover could still potentially sell more than 65,000 vehicles in 2015. Who knows, diesel engines might help, too.

Timothy Cain is the founder of, which obsesses over the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures.

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31 Comments on “Land Rover Breaks U.S. Sales Records With High-End Models, Discovery Sport Is Almost Here...”

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    Beautiful automobile, no thanks

    • 0 avatar

      I know, me too. I just love the way they look, and I’d have one if it were reliable.

      Course if they were reliable they’d hold value like a Land Cruiser – and cost a lot more to get.

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    Roberto Esponja

    What I find absurd is that most of the buyers of this brand would not find themselves caught dead in an American car because of their supposed lack of reliability.

    • 0 avatar
      heavy handle

      Is that why? I thought it was because even an Escalade has the same fit and finish as a Chevy Spark, and the dynamics of a 74 Suburban (which is what it is underneath).

      You should take a Range Rover for a test drive Roberto. They are quite nice, definitely a cut above the Escalade and Navigator. Whether or not they are worth the money is a personal choice, but they are undeniably great drives with a near-Rolls Royce level of finish.

      • 0 avatar
        Roberto Esponja

        I’m not saying they are not nice. Heck, I wouldn’t mind having one, if money was no object and I could afford to own several vehicles. But I am very well acquainted with the social set that purchases this brand. I am also familiar with its reliability legacy.

        Superlative fit-and-finish is an exquisite thing. Not-too-infrequent drives to your dealership’s service department…not so much.

        • 0 avatar
          heavy handle

          I think the “reliability legacy” is just that. They were terrible 10+ years ago, but they seem to be better now.
          What doesn’t help is the fact that many second and third owners can’t afford maintenance on a very expensive car. Just because you bought it for $20K doesn’t mean it will cost Corolla-money to run it.

          • 0 avatar

            Exactly this. If you can afford to buy one new you can afford to maintain and fix one. If you can’t afford one new, you had best think thrice about buying one used. Yeah, they have catastrophic depreciation that makes them very affordable out of warranty, but even when you pay Corolla money for one it is still a $75,000++ very complicated piece of machinery. It’s all good if you could afford one new and decide to take advantage of the savings, but you are screwed if you really can only afford a new Toyota.

            That said, Tata has well reaped the benefits of the fact that both BMW and Ford spent literally BILLIONS to improve JLR’s quality. A current production Range Rover is like a Lexus compared to my mangy old ’01 HSE with its brilliant design but really kind of laughable build quality. But I only paid $5500 for the thing, so I can put up with a bit of “character”, it is still a great drive. If I have to put a motor or transmission in it tomorrow, no big thing.

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            I think you need to go read Doug DeMuro’s hilarious Carmax Land Rover posts at Jalopnik.

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    Looks like it was a very good year for the one percenters!

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    An excellent vehicle to own when still covered by a warranty… a friend who was an exec at a local BMW dealer (and is an enthusiast driver who has an M3) had one of these for a week or two and he liked the interior and the way it drove…but noted one’s out of warranty experience might not be the greatest.

  • avatar

    I wouldnt want to own an Audi BMW or mercedes out of warranty either.
    They all have glitches and parts are beyond prohibitive. I guess with BMWs there are a fair number of Indy garages to fix them. Mercedes self destruct around 45K miles.

    Most of these high end cars are leased (xcy porche)

    Went in a friends RR sport. Very fast, too loud exhaust, kinda overpowered and weirdly crude, bit of a thunpy ride. Farnkly I think an X5 5.0 is an infintly superior vehicle to drive on road. The merc Ml you cant even get with a V8. Yep RR is the status SUV brand these days, the normal ones come with a rough supercharged V6 and the new Disco sport is a 4cyl only.

    How about a NA V8. Hopefully caddy gets its act togeter and makes a caddy version of the new acadia,you know with real wood trim and a great motor, less detroit chroime bling. The acadia being an actualy good vehicle. The escalde is a bad joke, terrible dynamics, and crappy plasticky interior. Geta tahoe if you nwat somethign that size, at least its not slathered in fake plastic wood for an exra 20-30k.

    Yep I guess given escalade sales one can conclude that buyer of big premiun suv’s are not too bright when it comes to vehicles.

    • 0 avatar

      If you want a luxury SUV with a V8 then hit up the Lexus or Infiniti dealer.

    • 0 avatar
      heavy handle

      “Mercedes self destruct around 45K miles”
      Coincidentally, a friend today was mentioning me how his ’09 C350 is the best car he’s ever owned. Almost 6 years and 200K and it still rides and looks like new, inside and out.
      All he’s done to it is regular maintenance and wear items. No surprises, always starts, no unscheduled dealer visits.
      He’ll get a kick when I tell him what the internet experts say about his car.

      • 0 avatar

        I don’t know about the c350 but if you frequent mercedes forums the current C Class is a nightmare of leaking seats and defective headlamps.

        • 0 avatar
          heavy handle

          I presume you mean “leaking seals,” not “seats?”

          A leaking oil seal is only a problem if you don’t want to spend the money to fix it. Otherwise, it’s just something you notice during regular maintenance and you get fixed.

          In my experience, the more expensive the car, the more people complain about oil leaks. It’s not because expensive cars are more likely to leak, it’s because people who own expensive cars don’t want to see oil stains on their expensive interlock driveways. Not an issue if you have an asphalt driveway or street parking.

          HID headlight issues abound with all brands. Parts are expensive and non-refundable, and mis-diagnosis is fairly common. You’ll find the same complaints for any car that offers these headlights.

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    Who wants to be in with the first MY of a RR with a diesel?!

    *does not raise hand*

  • avatar

    “high end ” and Land rover in the same story?

    I drove a rental Landrover in Germany for 3 weeks:
    – parking sensors beeped randomly sometimes indicating something was somewhere, the only good part about them was the button to disable them.
    – space: a vehicle of the size of a whale and a stroller is a challenge?
    – the turbodiesel had a lag I only knew from reports of 1980’s turbo cars. you step on the pedal and nothing happens, nothing, then all of a sudden it starts to jerk forward. (I drove many VAG diesel and know this is not typical for turbos of this century)
    – fit and finish: a visually blind person would maybe like it, on the other hand those shouldn’t drive a vehicle. So it is unclear who the target audience is. Maybe a blind person buying it and hiring a driver who doesn’t care about his work environment?

    The rental Fiesta, golf, etc. all were superb to that POS, even if the list price of that Rover was way higher. and a renter i didn’t even care about repairs…

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    The sales numbers for the Range Rover Evoque are distorted by the fact that JLR are restricting supply to the US. They have been diverting supplies for most of last year to China where the Chinese pay a premium for Land Rover products.

    Land Rover’s big problem is that they lack capacity. They seriously underestimated their own sucess…

    • 0 avatar

      I do believe that since Tata took over they are deliberately holding production down to keep quality up. Seems to be working so far according to JD Powers.

    • 0 avatar
      Big Al from Oz

      I this really a bad thing? To just produce for the sake of producing with a reduction in quality is counter productive to creating a prestige vehicle.

      Caddy can produce massive quantities of the Escalade Silverado station wagon. Look at the significant difference between the two.

      Not only is the Landie a far better off roader it is also a far better vehicle.

  • avatar

    Japan & Korea cannot make Downton Abbey. Germany may have to drop a bomb.

  • avatar

    Wonky landies from a stricken ship.

  • avatar

    But they are adding production capacity for models like the Evoque so next year these numbers may show a jump in Evoque sales to the US

  • avatar

    Not going to lie I really like the current rr rr sport and am on the fence of getting the rr sport 5.0. Supercharged or 2017 raptor. The rr and rr sport are some of the only luxary SUVs to have low range and locking rear diffs i have seen the current rr sport off road in the real world

  • avatar
    Big Al from Oz

    I don’t know if the US gets the 3 litre Lion V6 diesel Disco. Since you are more or less a Ford man the Disco diesel is a Ford engine.

    In all honesty they are a better off roader than the Raptor. Especially with day to day living. It’s FE will be superior enough to warrant the cost of the diesel as well.

    The Raptor might be quicker across sand dunes and a wide open desert track, but most any other 4×4 like the Disco will devour it in most any other off road situation.

    Have a read;

  • avatar

    Big Al the 3l diesel rr and rr sport are supposed to come to the U.S. in the fall as 2016 model year. Lr also makes a hybrid version of the rr and rr sport paired with the 3l tdi it’s good for 44mpg imperial. They haven’t announced that drive train in the us yet. I know the tdi is a good engine but I want the ridiculously powerful 5.0 supercharged jag v8 (also made by ford in the uk)

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