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In the time honored buff book tradition of pitting supercars against military aircraft, Road & Track and the Drive network managed to procure a Hellcat for a drag race against an F-16.

Shot on a rainy Friday at South Florida’s Homestead Air Force Base, the weather conditions weren’t ideal for a Hellcat – but that didn’t stop the F-16.

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18 Comments on “Drive, Road & Track, Pit Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Against F-16...”

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    The car will almost always have the plane until about 100 mph. Then the plane wins, nearly any plane.Plus, traction isn’t the same concern in the F-16 as in the Hellcat, certainly not in the wet.

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    An F16 accelerates to 500+ MPH before it even gets to the end of the runway. Not even a Veyron Super Sport, or Koenignneseggnes (whatever) can match that kid of power.

    Why not simply use a runway to drag race cars against cars?

    Motorcycles and Jets make no sense at all, unless you happen to be Robert Himler and your Twin Turbo Lamborghini is faster than motorcycles.

    THEN – it’s worth watching.

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    Master Baiter

    Super interesting for 12 year old boys.

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    “The show is a thank-you to the base personnel and their families for their service”

    Let’s not forget the real purpose of this show, unless y’all are above that as well.

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    This reminds me of flying downwind to PIE (St. Pete/CLW Intl Airport) in a Piper Archer 180 parallel to the Bayside Bridge and occasionally seeing a few cars outpace me…

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    Felis Concolor

    Sure, but what if you put the jet on a long conveyor belt?

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    Years ago I say a video of a sport bike versus Porsche and fighter jet. The bike was maxed out at 185 mph well before the other 2. What was interesting was the optics of the run. Those who aren’t familiar with the acceleration and top speed of any of those vehicles commented that the bike was a complete dud because it looked like it had hit its brakes when the other 2 kept on going.

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    I didn’t watch the video, but I predict that the Hellcat will beat the F-16…

    In fuel consumption.

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    For years whenever i saw a car mag run an article with a jet against a car i always thought it was ridiculous. Years later my opinion hasn’t changed.

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    Obviously it isn’t a valid comparison. If you take the time to read through the article, its got nothing to do with comparing a fighter jet to a sports car and everything to do with taking a day to show appreciation to our armed forces and all they do for our country. Being an air force base, the jets were already there so why not put on a little show?

    Sometimes we all need to take a step back and enjoy the view of the horizon rather than looking directly through the telescope.

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    This is exactly why I can’t tune in to watch ‘Top Gear’ (History Channel). The BBC original version is much better yet you find many of the same nonsensical competitions. I always felt the programming would fail to amuse both car and none-car people alike.

    On the other hand, I find History’s series ‘Alaska Road Warriors’ extremely entertaining.

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    Did Chrysler/Road and Track reimburse the Air Force for the fuel/maintenance/crew cost plus the frame time deducted from the life of the F-16?

    Otherwise it was our tax dollars wasted on a childish, worthless stunt/commercial for Dodge.

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      Joyless, ain’t ya?

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      And, presumedly, without this stunt/commercial the equipment and crew would sit idle incurring zero costs, right?

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      Who do you think pays for the countless flyovers that used to take place before major sporting events and NASCAR races? You don’t think the venue forked over anything do you? It was always a neat way for the pilots to get their required flight hours in. Now they just fly over open water and vacant land. Because that costs a lot less.

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