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This is Buick’s display at NAIAS. On the right hand side atop the curved display, you can clearly make out a Cascada.

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14 Comments on “Buick Blows Cascadas Cover...”

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    Austin Greene

    Good day sunshine.

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    Another up-and-coming slow-burn hit from America’s underappreciated marque.

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    Yep… looks like a FWD convertible with a real back seat. This will take over the rental market nicely from the Chrysler 200.

    Will be interesting to see what the U.S. powertrain is. In Europe they sell it with a 168 hp 1.6 turbo. That would be an engine that would solve a lot of GM problems in the US, but for some reason they haven’t certified it for our shores yet. Here, though, I’d expect to see a detuned version of the 2.0T and maybe a cheap base model with the NA 2.5.

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      The 2.0T and 6AT would be perfect for this vehicle. Pulls nicely and reasonably economical.

      The only thing I would suggest is that they heavily insulate the engine compartment. The LHU makes alot of clicks, ticks, and whirs, which is fine in the heavily insulated Verano, but would be annoying with the top down.

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      I think this is a good fit for Buick. With the Saab 9-3, Volvo C70, Chrysler 200, and VW Eos convertibles gone, the Buick Velite (?) will have this (shrinking) segment all to itself.

      I assume it will be imported, I wonder what percent GM plans to sell to fleets.

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        @ Speed3 – I’m a fan of this segment – I have friends and a relative with, respectively, a first-gen C70, a second-gen C70, and a 9-3 – so this is welcome news. I hope the back seat actually is usable. Ingress/egress is a pain, but the back seat room and comfort of the first-gen C70 are shockingly good once you get there. Mmm, Swedish seats . . . .

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    What is American about rebadged Opels with funny grills. Let the division die in peace.

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      You could just as easily ask, “What is American about a Ford Focus developed in Germany?” But that’s the way the global auto business rolls nowadays. Good thing, too — the cars are a lot better than they used to be, and almost everyone is making money.

      Buick still exists because it’s very popular in China. Merging it with Opel and keeping it alive here solves a whole bunch of problems for GM, profitably.

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      This *is* the American way for the last four decades.

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    John R

    It’ll be interesting to see the age bracket that purchases/leases these the most…ageist intimation aside I could see some conquests from Mini in this.

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    What, we didn’t already know that the Cascada was coming to the North American market?

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    While Buick continues to get a stunning array of product positioned in just the right places, Cadillac keeps rearranging the deck chairs from their center of all things trendy headquarters in SoHo

    Imagine a year from now walking into a Buick/GMC dealer and being able to find a vehicle for yourself, your wife, your parents and quite possibly your kids all in the same place

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    Finally Buick receives some well-deserved attention. But why a FWD Convertible? Velite or Cascada. Really? Younger buyers are going to run in the opposite direction.

    Why not a Focus ST type hot hatch or a WRX type AWD only performance compact? How about some non-stupid sounding names like Buick GT, GNX and Grand National?

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    I kinda like Velite. I guess I like stupid sounding names.

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