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Above is what the final Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X will likely resemble when it hits showrooms in the coming year.

Per Indian Autos Blog, the last of the Japanese interceptors — dubbed the Lancer Evolution Final Concept — will begin life as a five-speed manual GSR before receiving upgrades through and through.

Under the bonnet, the drivetrain will gain an HKS turbocharger, new intake and exhaust plumbing, better cooling, and a high-performance ECU. The result: the Lancer’s 2-liter four will deliver a max 473 horsepower to all four corners via its five-speed manual.

Outside, HKS height-adjustable suspension, 19-inch RAYS forged aluminum wheels wearing Yokohama Advan Neovas, and matte paint all help pull the Final Concept’s look together, allowing you to admire its glory with a White Russian in your hand.

The Final Concept will turn up at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon in early January.

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26 Comments on “Mitsubishi Debuting Lancer Evo ‘Final Concept’ At 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon...”

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    $35k? $40k? With a goon size spoiler? Screen savers on 14 year old’s tablets 15,000 – sales to second childhood hooners and anyone else, maybe 5,000, if that.

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      John R

      “With a goon size spoiler?”

      1)I don’t know how this is new or shocking. This has been de rigueur for the Evo since its inception.

      2)I will never understand this disparagement against this car and the STi. It serves a purpose. It seems that when a European manufacturer places a wing on a car they get a pass (911). Everyone else, North American or Asian, vituperative attack.

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        Yes, I admit, I am not a fan of spoilers. Now on the Porsche it looks like it was meant to be part of the design. But on the evo it looks like someone tacked it on to the family sedan. The Evo, with spoiler was once even cool, so was being a Ricer. However, the evo’s spoiler is not egregious as the Civic Type R’s eyesore

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        You do know what a spoiler is for right? Of course a 911 has a need for it, its RWD, this oth, is a family sedan w/ AWD, it has no need for it.

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          It looks like many people here need a refresher course on aerodynamics. And a reminder that even AWD Porches get spoilers.

          It’s a high performance car. At high speeds, air exerts a lot of force on a vehicle. This force can cause the car to lose traction. A spoiler keeps the car planted on the road. No amount of AWD does any good if the tires don’t have grip.

          Frankly, many cars now could do with spoilers and other effects just for highway driving. I have driven several vehicles that get noticeably floaty at 70 mph. I should hope that a car designed to do far in excess of that would have the appropriate aerodynamic gear.

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            I drive a 911 Carrera 4S (AWD). I don’t have the aero kit, but I do have the rear spoiler that lifts up at speed. It’s automatic and managed by the car based on speed and temperature. The lift of the Carrera spoiler is as much for cooling as it is for downforce. As speed increases, downforce plays a greater role, but I’m guessing that really doesn’t occur until the speeds pass three digits.

            That being said, the vast majority of cars do not need a spoiler. Modern aerodynamics and airflow management have negated the need for spoillers on commercial cars. Spoilers like the one on this Evo are for aesthetics alone. OK, marketing too as most consumers equate a rear spoiler with “sport”. Personally I still like it.

            The old Ferrari F40 needed a spoiler to keep the car on the pavement at speeds above 140 (give or take), otherwise it would have literally lifted up. Ferrari solved that issue through design and now those spoilers aren’t needed anymore.

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            Lancer Evolutions are not family cars. Evos were intended to be Group N rally homologation specials.

            The stock “goon wing” is functional (as is the rest of the stock Evo aero kit) is one of the last, lowest priority items that you’d dump money on in converting an Evo to a dedicated competition vehicle.

            As for placement and size, due to the sedan lines of the Lancer chassis, you need a larger, wider spoiler/wing place further away from turbulent flow in the space above a trunk deck for any downforce generation.

            @energetik9 – downforce increases exponentially with speed and while it depends on the driving surface, it starts to matter long before triple digit speeds (in MPH).

            Source – I used to rally Evo Vs and Vis in the mid 00s.

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          The way 473hp evos are commonly driven, they benefit vastly more from spoilers than some run-of-the-mill empty-nester-celebration-mobile.

          If this ever comes to the US, I think I really want one. For some reason, it excites me infinitely more than any 650HP ‘Vette or 700HP Challenger or infinite horsepower McLaren ever could.

          Despite being way too old and slow to really “need” it. This one and an Elise/Exige, would be a nice riff on the Cayman/(Boxster/Panamera) duo for the serious set…. Or furious….

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      Not sure about 15,000 sales to second childhood hooners. I do recall reading elsewhere that planned production is limited to 2000-2500.

      I have to say, it’s intriguing. Time to start thinking about my midlife crisis car in the next few years as I close in on my 40s.

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      Regular Evo X GSRs are pushing 40k. I would expect this Final Concept if it even makes it to the US to start at the 50k range. And then their would br additional dealer markup, guaranteed.

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      Not sure about “goon size” or what that is even supposed to mean. Seems very proportional to the car and fitting for what this car is. I personally would love this car as an option, but it’s irrelevant. This car is not likely coming to the US.

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    John R

    Going out with a bang. Hopefully it isn’t too peaky.

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    “Per Indian Autos Blog” Sorry folks, Mitsubishi does not care a wink about Yankee’s.

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    OK, Mitsu, now forget teenage prong pullers who can’t afford anything anyway and get to work on my 9K Renegade fighter.

    Oh, and be sure to offer an FWD-only base model with a khaki green color option.

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    Of *all* the cars int heir lineup to discontinue…sheesh!

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    This has been coming for a few years now, but killing their halo car is the beginning of the end here. I can’t believe they’ve stayed in the North American market this long. It seemed like they stopped caring years ago. Now what’s their most well-known, “flagship” product, the Mirage?

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    timed right, one could probably enjoy one of what should be a bucket list ride, and then sell it for what you paid. Timed wrong, you owe it all the usual EVO wear bits and take a bath. The bolt on look is so much more bearable in a glossy white. Will they all be unwaxable matte? How detuned from this spec will any US version be (if they even bother)?

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    The last Evolution, what a pity.

    4b11 awd turbocharged Mirage hatchback, anyone?

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    Love it or hate it, the enthusiast in me starts rationalizing adding a car like this even though I just purchased a car that was on my dream list. It is an amazing piece of engineering. To reach output in excess of 470hp from a 2-cyl turbo is absolutely amazing. I would be curious to see the torque numbers too. The current evo is already at 300 lb-ft.

    But in the end, this is still just a concept that has not entered production and if it makes it that far, likely won’t come to the US.

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      unfortunatley i agree like the fq series i can see this staying in the uk,if it comes here i can seriously consider it. my local subishi shop offers lifetime of first owner warranty….i could make that pay off

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    Seen me an earlier Lancer Evolution the other day just driving down the highway here just outside St. Louis, Missouri.

    I noticed it was some little four door Japanese thing, but it had a rear window wiper. Thought that was weird, until I realized it said Lancer Evolution. (Joy! [best Stimpy voice])

    I couldn’t- for the life of me- get this guy to open it up. I kept toying with it on the highway, trying to get him to downshift and punch it.

    I just finally sped away and left it alone. Sigh.

    FWIW, I like this Evo. Black hides the boy racer look well enough.

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    Dammit to hell, why does this site always eat the best comments!!

    EDIT: Second attempt to post, second comment scarfed down. You guys should really get that spam filter fixed. Or use one that “learns” who the regular commenters are (light bulb!). Just sayin’.

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    Seen what had to be an earlier Lancer Evolution just the other day.

    Driving on an interstate just outside of St. Louis Missouri I came across this little black econobox with some sort of a ground effects package/spoiler thingy on it. I got a little closer, and I noticed it had a rear window wiper. Ok, I thought.

    Then I finally realized it was a Lancer Evolution. (Joy! [best Stimpy voice])

    I toyed with that Evo for every bit of 5 minutes, trying to get it to do a high speed run with me. I wanted to see how that thing pulled. My Accord was up for it- guess he wasn’t.

    I just sped away and left it alone (sigh).

    FWIW, this is a good looking Evo. I’ve got a soft spot for these cars, and the black hides the Boy Racer look well enough for me to drive it, which is more than I can say about that ridiculous “Slap Me Green” color of that hyped up Focus/Fiesta what not that we saw last week.

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    Is it really a concept if it looks the exact same as it has for about 10 years now? (And really more like 15 years.)

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