Russian Billionaire Steps In To Keep The Nurburgring Alive

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Home to many a ‘Ring time, as well as one 24-hour FIA GT3 throwdown with as many competitors and fans as it can fit, the Nurburgring has found a new owner in Russian billionaire Viktor Kharitonin.

Autoblog reports Kharitonin — founder of Russia’s largest pharmaceutical company, Pharmstandard — took over from previous owner Capricon, who paid €77 million ($96 million USD) for the track in a bankruptcy sale. Capricon couldn’t keep up with the monthly €5 million ($6.2 million) payments, however, which was when Kharitonin rode in to save the day.

Since then, the 1,342nd richest individual in the world has set up a holding company named NR Holding AG to oversee operations, as well as paid the next installment for December well in advance of the due date. Kharitonin’s company holds two-thirds of the Nurburgring, with German motorsports company GetSpeed maintaining the remaining third.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Nov 03, 2014

    Welcome, Mr. Caring Toner, to the Nurbergerkingring! We test all our Cadillacs here to make them extra uncomfortable.

  • Stuki Stuki on Nov 03, 2014

    What are the 5mill Euro / month payments for? Man, that's high! No wonder noone wants to operate a clone over here, where on top of that, you have to pay the obligatory rent payments to leechocratic lawyers.

  • Honda_lawn_art Honda_lawn_art on Nov 03, 2014

    We have reason to believe the 'Ring to be in good hands, Viktor's other exploits include a rainbow of Dartz Prombrons and a tiny giraffe.