Lincoln To Undergo $5B Five-Year Extensive Revamp

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon
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lincoln to undergo 5b five year extensive revamp

Over the next five years, every Lincoln in the showroom presently will either be redesigned or replaced as part of an overall effort by Ford CEO Mark Fields to return to the premium brand to glory.

Reuters reports the plan comes with a significant investment: over $5 billion during the next five years. The money will be spent to not only revamp the product portfolio, but to help position the portfolio against those of BMW and Mercedes-Benz at home and in China. $2 billion has already been spent in the previous two years, split between preparing the brand for the Chinese market, and refreshing and expanding the lineup before the plan kicks into gear.

The centerpiece of the restoration plan is the D6 platform, which will provide a base for front-, rear- and all-wheel drive sedans and crossovers as early as 2019. Though the platform will be shared with Ford, D6’s purpose is to help set Lincoln apart from the Blue Oval portfolio, and to make the brand more competitive with a stronger base to build upon.

The first models to be built upon the modular architecture include a mid-size sedan and a seven-passenger crossover that could take up with both the MKZ and MKT could leave off. Before then, however, a few redesigns and replacements are set to come, beginning with the redesign of the MKX and replacement of the MKS between the springs of 2015 and 2016. Following up in 2017, the Navigator would gain a new platform from the upcoming 2015 Ford F-150, with aluminum panels to match, while the MKC would get a redesign in 2018.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Probert Probert on Oct 28, 2014

    Not sure I understand - Both Ford and Lincoln will share the D6 platform that is designed to make lincoln distinct from ford. My head hurts.

  • DeadWeight DeadWeight on Oct 28, 2014

    DTREMIT - I have tried to respond to your questions at least 5 times (detailed, complete responses), but for whatever, TTAC/WordPress is destroying every response I submit thus far. Very frustrating situation...hope it gets resolved one day.

  • GranMarkeez GranMarkeez on Oct 28, 2014

    Fusion will be antiquated compared to its competition before 2019. Although you are right about refresh cycles.

  • Jrasero23 Jrasero23 on Oct 31, 2014

    This is the answer to all the anti Lincoln critics since Ford is finally giving Lincoln more money and the opportunity to make RWD cars. The problem for me is timing. At this point Lincoln is extremely tied up in the MKZ and MKC. The MkZ sells maybe 2100 units a month and the MKC 1700 units. That just isn't enough. That's not to say the MKZ or MKC are bad cars but in a ultra competitive luxury market Lincoln hasn't given people what they wanted but what they thought consumers wanted. Finally allowing RWD to be infused into Lincoln cars and aiming at the Germans means that Lincoln will be focusing heavily on dynamics and performance. This is Lincoln's last shot no two ways about it. If they can't get out a decent selling car by 2019 the brand is dead. I wish you the best and I hope the re-stylized Lincoln cars can hold people over until Lincoln performance is reborn