Datsun Dealing With Low Sales In Emerging Markets

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Last year, Renault-Nissan resurrected Datsun, positioning the brand for emerging markets — like India, Russia and Indonesia — with a portfolio of models that would attract new, young consumers whose wallets were a bit thin.

It’s not quite working out thus far.

Bloomberg reports deliveries of the Go hatchback in India have fallen in three of the previous four months through this August, with only 607 units leaving the lot in July, briefly dipping below the sales rate of the Tata Nano in the same month. Further, from its debut in March through August, a total of 9,557 of the ₹312,270 ($5,100 USD) Gos found their way into Indian garages.

Meanwhile, Russian sales will take a hit thanks to the ongoing geopolitical Cold War retro revival delivering a two-pronged attack upon the market, with sanctions by Western states on one side, the spectre of recession along the other. According to IHS Automotive, sales may fall to a decade-low of 9 percent by the time 2015 rolls around.

Finally, Datsun has moved 6,400 Go+ Pancas thus far in FY 2014, with the goal set for 40,000 units sold by the end of March 2015. The brand recently began accepting orders for the Go hatch, while Nissan believes it can hit the mark within the year.

India may prove to be the toughest market for the upstart brand, as those interested in a new car would rather pay more than be seen in something considered “cheap.” That said, sales could pick up during the country’s festival season, which began last month and is set to end in November. Additionally, Datsun corporate vice president Vincent Cobee acknowledged that it would take a while for a new-car buyer to consider a new brand over an established one, even if they are paying $10,000 or less for the vehicle.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Robc123 Robc123 on Nov 03, 2014

    ha ha. its all about product positioning. Think about it: manual trans. no ac rollup windows strap for door closing very thinly padded seats no nav center for 3rd world they go 'oh that looks cheap" (love bench seats- who didnt get laid on those?} here we go fuck ya, stripped out Porsche or other tunable platform AND we have to PAY to get the A/C delete. We are getting hard over those 2 datsuns coming over here- every second question is "can be a good rally or tuner car?" That's were the marketing is going wrong- they have to approach it as a tuner car, simple to customize that happens to be cheap. a la those crazy custom indian buses;

  • Skloon Skloon on Nov 10, 2014

    Given their crash test rating I assume they aren't looking for repeat clients

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