American-Spec Honda HR-V Revealed

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

As we learned last week, Honda’s first SUV wasn’t a Honda at all. Caught flat-footed by the SUV boom, Honda took some desperate measures to get bring something to market that had an “H” on the grille.

While the CR-V came out at exactly the right time, Honda waited nearly a decade after the Passport’s launch to come up with a large SUV. This time, they’re a little quicker in responding to the next wave of the SUV boom – the subcompact crossover.

The HR-V, already revealed as the “Vezel” in world markets, will go head to head with the Nissan Juke and Chevrolet Trax. Next month will bring the HR-V’s debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, along with details on powertrain, equipment levels and maybe even pricing. Given the success of the CR-V and Pilot, it’s safe to assume that this will be a huge hit for Honda.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • StaysCrunchy StaysCrunchy on Oct 21, 2014

    That's a nice looking little car, I like it! The grille area is a bit too busy for me in terms of design, but overall it's very handsome.

  • Slavuta Slavuta on Oct 21, 2014

    "As we learned last week, Honda’s first SUV wasn’t a Honda at all" Are you kidding??????? My relative was buying Passport. I said, "don't do it". 3 lawsuits later.... As far as HR-V goes... I bet that its interior will be, how to say this... worse than Mazda CX5 or Juke.

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    • Slavuta Slavuta on Oct 22, 2014

      @Dave M. Not me - Honda. I told him that he is buying Isuzu in disguise. He had problems worth thousands in repairs. Lemon law guys were able to recover some. I worked with the guy who had a Trooper. His engine also has major oil problems. That is when oil disappears from the engine.

  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Oct 21, 2014

    What - no rear door handles?

    • Thornmark Thornmark on Oct 22, 2014

      Click on the picture, they're there. Very well integrated.

  • Oldowl Oldowl on Oct 22, 2014

    Put on two more doors, paint it yellow, and it's a CVCC wagon.