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After years of Stateside consumers being denied the most vulgar AMG offering, Mercedes-Benz will introduce the G65 AMG, a twin-turbo V12 G-Wagen, to North America, starting in the 2016 model year.

Automotive News reports that the G65 will have an MSRP of roughly $250,000. The G65 is powered by a 604 horsepower V12 with a top speed limited to 143 mph. Look for the G65 to appear on a Kardashian-centric reality TV show shortly after launch.

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34 Comments on “Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG Arriving In 2016...”

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    Everyone who wanted one in the Gulf states has one already?

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    Mercedes-Benz wasn’t denied the most vulgar AMG offering, North America was. Fix the first sentence and don’t write bad no more.

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    This reminded me of the movie U-571.

    Every time it’s driven its soul will make some part of the engine tap out:

    “Ich bin G-Wagen. Töte mich.”

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    Does it come with a lifetime gym membership for only the upper-body equipment and a collection of Armani Exchange shirts a size or two too small?

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    If only they brought the 6×6 pickup too. We love our Platinum Ranch F-450s, I’m sure we’d love these too.

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    My experiences with the G63 have ranged from meh to “took this turn too fast, totally gonna die!”. It has no perceivable speed advantages over the modern V6 muscle car crowd, and more importantly none of the handling pedigree a E63 has from years of suspension upgrades. I find the G550 to have just as much charisma minus the AMG flashy bits and pieces. I expect the G65 to be marginally faster than the 63 but equally if not worse when it comes to turns.

    Since it can still set off car alarms in parking garages and is just as likely to conquer Poland, the
    G550 will still be my G-Wagon of choice.

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      An OM617 powered G-Wagen is the winner. Put a snorkel on it and drive through just about anything. These are miserable things to drive on the road, and I don’t know why so many people do.

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        I dunno how much a G Wagen weighs, but the only OM617 they got was the NA one with 87 hp and that seems far too little for a SUV.

        Now the OM642 V6 diesel fitted to current G Wagens? That’s much more my speed.

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    Big Al from Oz

    I really like the G Wagen. So I could be considered a fanboi, for them…………..but not Mercedes Benz.

    The ones we use at work are fantastic, I would love to own one of the 6×6 G Wagen utes we have prior to this V12 machine.×450.jpg×450.jpg

    Who could forget these MB off road vehicles, stylish.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Can someone at TTAC fix up this page. It appears my comment box is larger than the page it’s posted to.

    Information is missing.

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    Big Al from Oz

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    WOW, that’s almost as fast as a youtube verified Camry V6 top speed.

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    I’m not sure which is the more appropriate quote here. “There’s no accounting for taste” or “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

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    Coming soon to “Celebrity Cars Blog.” Not that I subscribe to that; you people are so shallow.

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    Denied, or maybe spared. At least rappers will have another option. I wonder if it produces much wind noise at 143.

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    I love the absurdity of it all, sure you shouldn’t try and find out what the top speed of an old moped either… But it’s sure fun trying.

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      Me too. This cars shows that you have more money than you can spend (wisely).
      It sure would have been fun to own one, just to piss off the neighbors.

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        Not only are they not fun to drive, they don’t even manage to piss off neighbors to any great extent. The kind of neighbor who in theory ought to be pissed off, are too indoctrinated into the “it’s European, theerfore good”, and “The people in the UN drive one of those, therefore double good” mindsets to realize this thing is much different than the Land Cruiser, or the Prius, or any other car they regularly see the cool people on Pbs drive….

        Jacked up Power Wagons with holes in their mufflers from banging around on rocks loudly proclaiming their Heminess, otoh, work much, much better for pissing people off. As do such comparatively sensible vehicles as Vipers, emissions bypassed Cummins Duallies, and any Hummer whatsoever, including full electric conversions…

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    Looks like it would corner well.

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    Will it be offered in brown and with a manual?

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    It’s kind of interesting that Magna Steyr builds both this and the Wrangler.

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    Derp. They managed to create a vehicle that does nothing at all well. Not even accelerate, at least by the standards of 600-hp vehicles.

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    That chromed bull bar is just hideous. I think it’s flash enough in regular trim. I likes it because it’s square. But if I want something square that gets poor MPG and has as more tasteful flair, I’ll get an old RR LWB County.

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