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A real-life scenario akin to the movie “Ronin” played out on a Paris highway, after armed men attacked a convoy carrying a Saudi prince, making off with roughly $334,000 in cash and “sensitive documents”.

According to The Globe and Mail,

The convoy had been heading for Le Bourget airport north of the city. Witnesses told police a group of heavily armed men attacked the last car in the convoy near Porte de la Chapelle at around 9 p.m. and drove off in it. Agence France-Presse, citing police sources, said they were armed with handguns, though earlier media reports said they had Kalashnikov rifles.


The vehicle in question was a “Mercedes minivan”, with only a driver on board. One of the attacker’s vehicles, a burnt out E90 BMW 3-Series, was later recovered. No shots were fired in the incident, sparing a “a bit of raspberry jam” from being spilled.

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15 Comments on “What’s In The Case? Saudi Prince Experiences “Ronin” In Real Life...”

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    That 535 (manual) made all sorts of V8 noises in the chase scenes, and seemed to have many more than 5 forward speeds!

    Also, the Peugeot that DeNiro was driving made lots of nice V8 sounds, and could keep up with said BMW very easily on the French motorway.

    Also, Citroen XMs can outrun an S8, and push an S8 off the road. Said Citroens may change trim level during chase, and have different grilles depending on scene.

    Such is my Ronin reality.

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    This heist has all the trademarks of the Serbian Pink Panthers. They are the same ones that cleaned out the Paris Harry Winston to the tune of $105 million.

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    Except that the stories I’ve seen so far say that there was no chase. The robbers knew which vehicle to hit and took that one with little effort.

    Watching the Ronin scene again makes me wonder just how far one could get driving the wrong way on busy highway? It seems like the on-coming drivers would quickly bunch up into an impassable mass.

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    Master Baiter

    I’ll bet the “sensitive documents” is a list of Paris’ high end hookers.

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    Seems like the young prince needs to learn some street smarts. $350K? Chump change for the prince. As mentioned above, probably hooker money for his nearest 25 BFFs. I know, I know, the prince don’t do hookers. Well, maybe only when he can score some coke. And it’s best if the hookers bring the coke. So we are up to $275K now. Plus the hotel tips, of course. That makes it about $350K.

    Anyway, what a stupid move to advertise to the whole world that the first car in your convoy will carry your petty cash. Now all the Eastern Euro squeegee men will know that too.

    Reminds me of when my wife who did sales for a fancy hotel in a big city had to walk a few blocks with a bag with $80K in it handed to her in another fancy hotel as a payment for rooms from one small African nation.

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    No worries here, it was just Luc Besson shooting a new movie.

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    Michael Bay!


    Car chase!


    Michael Bay!


    Burning BMW

    Stolen Mercedes!

    Guns! Money! Secrets!

    Michael Bay!

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    This story is not true. France has really strict firearms laws, especially for handguns. This terrible crime must have happened in Paris Tennessee (home of the World’s Biggest Fish Fry) because in Tennessee it is OK for citizens to have those bad handgun things. ‘Cause they ain’t enlightened like them in Paris, France.

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    They are chasing nouvo-riche saudi prince with a gun .. Revolution against rich has begun .. ?

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    The thing I don’t get about this heist is “what the heck that prince was doing driving around with a quarter million euros in cash?”. This isn’t the 90’s. You don’t need cash any more on trips, or travelers checks, or…checks. Dude’s probably got a platinum credit card made of…platinum. Aside from occasionally making it rain like a rap star, what do you need tons of cash for?

    It makes no sense even if you are filthy rich like a Saudi Prince. It’s just dumb. It’s like…asking to get robbed.

    (for the record, I know that the obvious answer is “To pay people for things that you don’t want traced back to you”, but am avoiding it for the purpose of humor)

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