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By 2019, the face of Volvo will change as the Sino-Swedish automaker begins restructuring its offerings, with the new XC90 leading the way.

Autoblog reports Volvo will align its lineup portfolio around three families (40, 60, 90) and three designations/configurations (S sedan, V wagon, XC crossover). In turn, the 40 family will share a platform with parent company Geely’s offerings, while the 60 and 90 families will use Volvo’s SPA modular platform.

Additionally, the V40/V60/V90 wagons will have a Cross Country variant, matching up with Audi’s and Subaru’s offroad formula for their respective non-rugged base offerings. Meanwhile, R-Design and Polestar will apply their magic performance touches to a few of the new vehicles, going up against similar efforts from BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

All of the above are expected to come online within the next four years, but no coupes or convertibles are in the plans, citing a lack of a case for either at this time. Volvo will instead focus on boosting its volume, with a goal of 800,000 units for 2014 alone.

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25 Comments on “Volvo Restructuring To Three Families, Configurations By 2019...”

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    So if there’s an S60, V60, and XC60 where does the article implied Cross Country variant of the _60 come in? What would it be called?

    It’s ironic that the “crossovers” are XCs since it was a Cross Country that was first called XC (so named after the abbreviation for the HS/College sport). But it totally makes sense that their “cross overs” be denoted with an XC as they already have the XC60 and XC90 and the XC70 is a New England market specific vehicle.

    Me likes my XC70 and wouldn’t want to replace it with a XC60 or XC90.

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    Is that a target lock-on in the photo?

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    heavy handle

    So the s80 sedan will be replaced by a s90, of which there will be a wagon variant called the v90, and possibly a tall wagon called the v90-xc?

    That’s a little less confusing than Infinity and BMW’s new naming conventions.

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    I love my XC60 R-Design and couldn’t imagine replacing it with the comparatively ponderous handling XC70 wagon.

    I wish Volvo (and the multitudes of employees than count on them) all the luck in the world turning the brand’s fortunes around. Swedish, Chinese, whatever, they’re all working folks trying to make their way in the world.

    I wonder if US success even matters much anymore in Volvo’s new worldwide 10-year business plan?

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    “In turn, the 40 family will share a platform with parent company Geely’s offerings, while the 60 and 90 families will use Volvo’s SPA modular platform.”

    So the 40 series will go back to not being a Volvo, while the 90 will be the “Volvo” with a smaller 60 being offered in between. This is the *exact* same setup as PAG era Volvo offered starting in 2000. I’m willing to bet dollars to doughnuts the new SPA platform is a reconfiguration of the pre-PAG Volvo era P2.

    Volvo offerings for CY00:

    C70/V70/S70= Volvo 850 platform
    S40= Nedcar built Mitsubishi Carisma
    S60= Smaller P2 platform.
    S80= SWB/LWB P2 platform

    “but no coupes or convertibles are in the plans”


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      If only Dandy Don were a TTAC commentator…

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      I was scared at first but this doesnt seem like a bad plan. Volvo worked wonders with the Focus platform, I trust they can make a Geely platform work. Im just happy theres gonna be a compact sedan again.

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        Personally I’m on the fence about EUCD/P1 being a “Volvo” so suffice to say I’ll be skipping S40 of all three generations. EUCD/P1 was designed by Ford in Cologne with input from Volvo and Mazda engineers.

        I do agree with you though given the situation its not a horrible plan. I would say depending on what additional production costs are per variant (say XC90 vs S90 vs V90) it could be brilliant as the V and XC variants will probably have much higher margin and command higher ATP because meaningless material things like CUV fill the holes in everyones heart and soul. My kingdom for an S90 coupe/conv…

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          Sure Volvo worked wonders on the Ford platform? Or the other way around. Interesting that all successful modern Volvos sit on Ford bones. That are getting old.

          That sid, I like Volvo. Some interesting design in the post box era (that had its own charm). I always liked the C30…

          Problem for Volvo has been and is that in a world where everyone’s car is safe, much of Volvo’s former raison d’être is gone. Like the Jpanese with their ex lockdown on reliability, forge ahead my friend or be dead.

          Now, I’m reading this wrong. Volvo needs more cars, wagons, convertibles and such than CUVs. CuV has ve a ways to go yet, but the outlash is building. They could soon find themselves on the receiving end of the ever revolving market whip.

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            I agree they will need a whole model lineup to be a serious competitor but as myself and Thatkat09 pointed out, given what they have they are running the early PAG playbook. For a time this might work, but only for a time.

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            28, respectfully sir, I think the early PAG playbook got most things right and quite a few wrong. However, what happened to them is that they tried it at an extremly unfortunate time. Had Ford the time, patience or money to see it through, it would have have turned into something extremely successful.Part of the Focus goodness is the Volvo goodness within, part of the current Volvo line up is the Ford goodness hidden in their bones, part of the reason Jaguars still fire every morning is the Ford/Volvo goodness included and had the Lincoln LS been allowed to evolve, we’d have an extremely different, but much more competitive Lincoln Horseless Carriage Company today.

            In other words, the idea was good, the timing was terrible and the execution iffy. But it still was a trial balloon of what eventually will hppen. A la VW-Audi, independent BMW and even Mercedes (different because of much larger parent company) is a tenuous proposition that will see the end of their days soon, rather than later.

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    You know, I’m kinda looking forward to a Swedish “Polestar,” but would she only take Kronas?

    And will the Volvo deathwatch feature the Swedish chef too?

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