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2015 Honda Fit

After a poor performance at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Honda has redesigned the front end of the 2015 Honda Fit to correct an issue with the compact’s front bumper beam.

Autoblog reports the beam had broken free during the small-front overlap test earlier this year, resulting in a “Marginal” grade by the IIHS. The broken beam allowed more impact energy to be absorbed on the driver’s side of the Fit.

In turn, Honda’s engineering team set about to fix the issue, then ask the agency to retest the Fit. The newly updated compact hatch fared better in the test this time, bumping the original grade up to “Acceptable.” On top of receiving “Good” status on the vehicle’s other four tests, the IIHS gave the Fit the title of Top Safety Pick, a goal Honda desired for the compact hatch according to chief vehicle safety engineer Chuck Thomas:

We had targeted “Top Safety Pick,” and just weren’t satisfied with not achieving that. We had studied the results of that test, and made some modifications to the front bumper.

The modifications were made on the production line in June, and the 12,000 owners with their Fits already in possession can bring back the vehicle for the free upgrade. Honda will send notices in September.

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13 Comments on “Honda Fixes Flawed Beam Design In 2015 Fit, Gains IIHS Top Safety Pick Rating...”

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    Best possible explanation for the delay to dealers.

    I wish Honda would just offer a lifted AWD version of the Fit and skip the HR-V. The Fit’s cabin is already volumetric perfection for its footprint and uncanny for visibility.

    • 0 avatar

      AWD would ruin space efficency. Tank is located where driveshaft for RWD woul be.
      Unless you live in 10-foot snow area FWD will suffice. Learning how to drive helps a lot.

      • 0 avatar

        Oops, you’re right. AWD is a luxury anyway; snow tires and weight in the rear have gotten me safely around for 40 years in the snow belt with only 2WD, front or rear.

        I just want the ride height for traffic and some extra ground clearance never hurts.

        • 0 avatar

          How does extra height help in traffic when 1/2 the vehicles around you are even bigger trucks and CUVs?

          That whole inch of ground clearance that most CUVs have over ordinary cars just makes a HUGE difference in the snow. /sarcasm

          While I think the whole test is a bit silly, kudos for Honda for not only fixing the “problem” but applying it retroactively. That is how you make happy buyers.

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            An inch under the body isn’t worth a damn in the snow.

            3 or 4 inches under the chin with an air dam that isn’t shaped like a plow blade is worth a great deal when you can’t see where the curb starts.

          • 0 avatar

            “How does extra height help in traffic when 1/2 the vehicles around you are even bigger trucks and CUVs?”

            Seeing over the effing hedges some communities like mine allow along sidewalks, right up to the intersection. Seeing over 3-boxes parked on the street and at the ends of driveways.

            Last year driving a company Malibu I almost nailed a short female jogger who darted out from behind a hedge while I was rubbernecking for a break in traffic to pull out from a side street.

            No, it wouldn’t help that much but there are situations where it could be critical. Only dumb luck and the jogger’s quick swerve saved her and me from one of those.

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          Isn’t the Fit tall, tippy and crosswind affected enough as it is? Makes more sense to slam it and fit a coffee can to me… :)

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        You could put compact electric motors driving the rear wheels, but realistically, making the car AWD would upset the careful balance that the Fit currently enjoys. It is that balance that makes the car stand out in its class.

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    There’s a thesaurus built into your word processing program, you know.

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    Give Honda credit, it the world of GM , we know we have an problem, lets not fix it, Honda found the problem and fixed it and will fix it. I just hope the test fix , works in the real world. This is why Honda fans buy again and again , thru have faith management and the company will do the right thing.

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      Exactly. This is how Honda attracts and keeps buyers. My sister’s CR-V air-con compressor shelled out at 78,000 miles. The original bill would have been over $3000 for repairs. We called Honda and asked for “Special consideration” on the warranty. Honda agreed and the bill was reduced to $600 plus a $500 voucher on their next new car purchase. That’s how to do business GM, VW, etc.

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    looks pretty good in the video, definitely better than 500L or Grand Cherokee.

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    We bought one for my wife. have had it for a month and love it.

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