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2015 Ka

Last week, Ford do Brasil unveiled the new Ka and Ka+, set to be built and sold (almost) worldwide in short order.

Just-Auto reports the city car will come in both five-door (Ka) and sedan (Ka+) formats, with power to the front coming from either a 1-liter 12v TiVCT or 1.5-liter 16v Sigma flex-fuel three-pots. The 1-liter, in particular, will be assembled in Brazil at Ford’s Camaçari factory, while both Kas will roll off the line at its São Bernardo do Campo plant.

The Ka was developed in the country with the help of engineering teams in Europe and the United States, and will be assembled in China, Thailand, India — where Ford of Europe will likely receive theirs — and South Africa.

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13 Comments on “Ford do Brasil Unveils New Ka Hatchback, Sedan For Global Markets...”

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    I don’t like it! It’s whiiiiite!

    Is it just me, or does the interior shot of the center dash ButtonStack and screen look like some sort of robot dog or something? I mean, tiny mouth, nose in middle, the side buttons approximate a snout, the vents are the ears, and the inset screen instead of eyes…

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      Now that you mention it, I can see it.

      That’s a nice looking, if kind of generic, city car. I assume we won’t see it in the States. I did see a first gen Ka, wearing Mexican plates, in a Home Depot parking lot a few years ago, it was that funky “new edge” design language that was used on the first generation of Focus and the last iteration of the Mercury Cougar. This one’s not nearly so distinctive.

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        Last year I saw a first gen Ka here in Ohio, on Ohio plates! I was very surprised.

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          But the Ka didn’t even come out until MY97… this means interstellar law has been broken! Call the DHS! Round up the car crushers for this illegal import!

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            IKR. How does this happen? Maybe it was some special military guy import? Extra super paperwork exemption? A diplomat?

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            Diplomats can get away with it but what diplomat is importing a Ka? Not sure about other options for import. Makes me wonder why Customs was so keen to get those LRs but evidently allows for other exceptions.

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            If I were going the same direction as them, and not headed to dinner with my family I might have tried to ask.

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            Customs went after those Rovers because they busted the shop that imported and sold them. Thus they had a list of illegally imported cars to go by. If you sneak a car in yourself, and get it registered, chances are it will escape their notice.

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    These do not sell. Ford needs to look at their Global portfolio and start again.

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    I miss the New Edge version of the Ka. That was a nifty little car.

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    The hatchback one is decent enough, but the sedan version is third-world poor looking. That’ll be the seller in India though.

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    Neither the Ka’s nor Fiesta’s designs translate well into a sedan. Maybe they should start with making a good-looking sedan THEN turn it into a hatch.

    BTW, well before this Internet was a thing, I wrote a letter to then-president Jacques Nasser imploring him to bring the original Ka to America. He actually replied, saying thanks but no thanks.

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    It looks like the front clip of a Fusion has been put through a hot wash and then glued to a generic hatch/saloon body.

    I almost feel bad for the Ka. What was once a design icon has become a parody of itself, simply making up the numbers in a Ford range that clearly values high-margin SUVs and commercials over most passenger cars (perhaps aside from the cash cow Focus).

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