On This Day In History: Peugeot Withdraws From U.S. Market

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

On this day in 1991, Peugeot officially announced its exit from the U.S. market.

In 1986, Peugeot sold roughly 14,000 cars in America. By 1990, that number had plummeted to just 4,200. PSA still maintains an office in Michigan, but as Peugeot’s exit date closes in on the 25 year mark, that last vestige of a French auto maker presence will likely disappear as well.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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  • Schmitt trigger Schmitt trigger on Aug 07, 2014

    An aunt who had lived in Europe in the early 60s for a couple of years brought a 403 with her. I was still a youngster, but my curiosity for cars had already been piqued. I distinctly remember the four on the tree, and gauges with funny names like "Eau". Under the hood, the engine looked different. Can't pinpoint exactly why, just different. If my memory serves me well, the air filter was also of the oil-bathed variety.

  • Mjz Mjz on Aug 07, 2014

    Good god, I want to apply for a job at the PSA office in Michigan. Seriously, WHAT do they do there all day, year after year!

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    • Seth1065 Seth1065 on Aug 07, 2014

      @FreedMike cool I have never seen that, so just so I understand Honda is the Cylons that killed French cars in the US , Frack

  • FreedMike FreedMike on Aug 07, 2014

    Well, I think this video about sums it up... www.youtube.com/watch?v=yciX2meIkXI

  • Oldyak Oldyak on Aug 08, 2014

    I remember my buddies 403 having a crank starter!!! How awesome is that!!!