2015 Corvette Z06: Price Is Low, Weight Is Up, Stakes Is High

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

We now know what the Corvette Z06 is going to cost, and what it’s going to weigh, and both numbers are surprising.

First number: $78,995. That gets you the Z06. If you want the track-focused stuff, you want a Z07. That’s carbon ceramic brakes, higher downforce bodykit, and MPSCs. Think of it as the Z28 for the Z06. There’s also an aero package that is more aggressive than the base Z06 but less so than the Z07.

Second number: 3,524 pounds. This is over two hundred pounds heavier than the Z51, and apparently it’s all go-faster stuff like wider tires and the supercharger itself. It’s even 100-plus above the C6 ZR1. Compared to the peerless C6 Z06, it’s about four hundred up. That C6 Z06 was so special. It weighed slightly less than a base manual-transmission 4+3 1984 Corvette while bringing 2.5x as much power to the table.

As we all know by now, there are going to be convertible Z06es and automatic-transmission Z06es and, unless G-d himself intervenes directly in a consummation of Divine fury and dealer inventory devoutly to be wished, probably some convertible automatic Z06es. Just don’t look straight at them, they can turn your heart to stone.

At the price, the Z06 in any form is a remarkable deal. It’s “more car” than the old ZR1 and it costs much less. But it’s also “more car” than the old Z06 in a couple of ways I don’t like. We’ll see how it behaves out in the real world… but for those of us who love Corvettes and racetracks and the combination of both, (raises hand) the best news might be the downward price pressure this will put on the high-power C6es. This might be the year to pick up that blue Z07 C6 Carbon, y’know.

Jack Baruth
Jack Baruth

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  • Geronomo12 Geronomo12 on Aug 24, 2014

    I have a 2002 Z06 with 50k + miles. It's been bullet proof and as inexpensive to maintain as a Malibu. Nothing new with this much power and advanced technology is going to be anywhere near the price or much lower in weight. I believe it will break into the high 10's in the 1/4 mile for 90G, optioned up nicely. The interiors on previous models was plain and inexpensive, with no pretensions. These were cars just built to go fast. The interiors on the new ones are really nice. I am a car guy and don't car about adaptive automatic transmissions, cruise control or navigation but I have plenty of friends that want all the bells and whistles in a super car. Chevy has opened the door to invite them to become Corvette owners as well. After I test drive one, I wonder if I will be able to resist trading up 245 HP, 400 lbs, and about 30G+ in list price. That is a serious power to weight increase that may prove irresistible.

    • Tekdemon Tekdemon on Aug 24, 2014

      Well they probably want all the bells and whistles because the luxury brands offer it. The 458 Italia might be a super car but it also has a really nice leather interior and super ice cold AC along with fancy electronic toggles for everything. I don't think you can ask for 90K without at least some attempt at upgrading the interior

  • Shaker Shaker on Aug 24, 2014

    So much for the "Baby Corvette" that I'd hoped they would build (sigh). Still, I'm one terminal cancer diagnosis from buying a used C6, and then a "Run For My Life" of epic stupidity (and fun).

  • Calrson Fan Jeff - Agree with what you said. I think currently an EV pick-up could work in a commercial/fleet application. As someone on this site stated, w/current tech. battery vehicles just do not scale well. EBFlex - No one wanted to hate the Cyber Truck more than me but I can't ignore all the new technology and innovative thinking that went into it. There is a lot I like about it. GM, Ford & Ram should incorporate some it's design cues into their ICE trucks.
  • Michael S6 Very confusing if the move is permanent or temporary.
  • Jrhurren Worked in Detroit 18 years, live 20 minutes away. Ren Cen is a gem, but a very terrible design inside. I’m surprised GM stuck it out as long as they did there.
  • Carson D I thought that this was going to be a comparison of BFGoodrich's different truck tires.
  • Tassos Jong-iL North Korea is saving pokemon cards and amibos to buy GM in 10 years, we hope.