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38 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping, July 2, 2014...”

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    New Passat on Thursday!

    Does that mean we’ll get it over here by Fall 2015?

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    So is the passat being moved into fullsize category? The current one isnt very big.

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    “the Passat’s launch looks to be difficult”

    Probably they’ll launch it like any other car is launched. It just might not be a great sales success.

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      That’s what I’d call a “difficult launch”

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        I’m gonna have to go ahead and ask you to adjust some of your language. You see, around here, we don’t say “difficult”; we say “challenging”. Because people like a challenge – that sounds exciting and motivating.

        And be sure to get that TPS report done by Friday.

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          I got here too late to make a “that’d be greaaatt” joke, but I did roll my windows up while playing rap music.

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            Well… it’s hard to be a gansta.

            What the **** does PC Load Letter mean?

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            I spent my early career as a desktop support tech.

            The PC in “PC LOAD LETTER” is the Printer Control software on HP LaserJet printers.

            Load, of course, is asking for the operator to put something in the printer ehichj, in this case, is letter sized paper (instead of legal or A4 sized paper).

            “The printer control software requires regular paper in order to proceed” is what the fuck that means. I’ve been waiting for years for someone to explain that to who isn’t a fellow IT guy. Or Michael Bolton – I explain it to him every time I watch that movie.

            There is also a Printer Control Languge for HP printers called PCL. As far as I know, it was interpreted by the same PC unit+software that demanded the paper from its human masters.

            BTW, some HP printers say “PC LOAD LEGAL”, and there are so many fun ways to read that one. It always seems like it might involve politely drinking with the legal department… :-)

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            I’ve worked with computers all my life, and I was almost correct in determining the message.

            I thought PC meant “Paper Cartridge”, as in the the tray. I interpreted it as “Load Letter Paper in the Tray”. Close enough.

            I still use an HP 4+ in my computer recycling office. It’s old, but over 300,000 pages later- it still churns them out.

            I don’t know about printing on an A4, though. I drive an A6 and I can fit the printer in the back. Wouldn’t trying to print on an Audi result in a nasty paper jam ;-)

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    SCE to AUX

    A new Passat won’t stop VW’s tailspin in the US. They are totally lost.

    Mazda needs to take automotive Chantix for their Wankel addiction; they just can’t seem to get over this bad habit.

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      We can’t hear you over the “brap brap brap brap brap brao” sound coming from our cars.

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      Mazda needs to drop the wank(er) advertisement writing.

      Their new commercial with the rubbish music in the background.


      Or whatever the hell it says. It was corny AF.

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        Kyree S. Williams

        “This is the Mazda way.”

        It is corny, almost like it’s trying to present a Japanese-artisan quality where there isn’t one. Still, Mazda’s latest offerings are impressively engineered. The company has some really nice features and should figure out a better way to advertise them and give its cars the attention they deserve.

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        You mean trying to equate Mazdas to the achievements of Jackie Robinson and Bruce Lee isn’t an effective ad campaign?

        If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy a Lincoln. The TV told me Katharine Hepburn and Louis Armstrong owned them, so that must mean they’re still good.


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      Its not even clear if this will replace the US Passat. Remember that the US Passat and Euro Passat are different, and the article doesn’t make it clear which is being replaced or if the product offering will be unified again.

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        Kyree S. Williams

        It won’t.

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        The Reuters article that is linked is clearer: This is the Euro Passat. The US MQB Passat is due to be revamped in 2016. IIRC, the current Euro Passat is based on the prior B6 architecture, so this new Euro Passat will be Europe’s first intro to an MQB-platform Passat.

        It could be a great strategy. VW can do something BMW can’t, which is share interior finish parts, etc. with Audi to make for a more luxurious-feeling Passat while reducing the cost per unit for those components.

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    Additional item:

    The “GM dealerships are deserted” story is debunked with a 1% sales increase over last June.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Guys, I’m thinking that this is the Euro-spec Passat, not the NMS (Chinese/North American) one…

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