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The use of the word “petrol” should clue you in a bit here.

Yes, it’s from India, and it was a Saab 9-2x style tie-in with the General during the period where they were invested in Fuji Heavy Industries. Our own Doug DeMuro did a post on the Chevrolet Forester a while ago, in which he praised the car’s 2.5-liter engine. Looking at this advertisement, however, I suspect that it’s actually powered by the two-liter engine that was also available. Which means that the head gaskets are probably fine.

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23 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Only Recalling The Head Gaskets Edition...”

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    God I didn’t even notice for a minute. I thought “Hmm the 2005 Edition, that sounds like an odd name for a trim level.”

    This model Forester has always looked so outdated to me that every time I see one I think it’s years older than it actually is. Only very recently has it become modern looking.

    So Subaru is not available in India then?

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    I thought I was looking at a trailblazer at first.

    But then I noticed it was ugly, and to top it off the AWD TB had a 6.0 not a 4 banger.

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      First blush (headlights and grille) suggested Uplander to me.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      I’ve never liked the TrailBlazer. But I’ve always liked the 9-4X.

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        I liked the TrailBlazer, Envoy, and Diamond Editions of the old S10 Blazers before they switched over to the larger ones. They’re distinct enough that I notice them over their regular versions. They also got some cool two-tone effects on the leather (which all had) and embroidery.

        My dad didn’t believe there was a Jimmy-Envoy “No, that doesn’t exist!” until I pointed one out on the street.

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          Kyree S. Williams

          Lol, I meant 9-7X. Although I also like the short-lived 9-4X, far better than its Cadillac sister (the current SRX). I’ve never seen a Diamond Edition Blazer. I do, however, remember the Jimmy-Envoy, because Envoy was originally a package, not a model.

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            Sorry, Diamond Edition Jimmy. I checked Ebay for a listing first, but what do I find after that (since there wasn’t one)? A post by Doug DeMuro about it. It’s very quilty. I’ve only seen them in black.


            Also, here’s a Blazer TrailBlazer.


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    Eh, even the Chevrolet Niva looks better than this.

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    These things were absurdly priced for the Indian market., and the FE as expected was also atrocious. For 97% of India., AWD is completely useless.

    There was also a lawsuit where the complaint was the forester’s advertised off road prowess was misleading, when it could not even handle a foot of water on the roads which is extremely common on indian roads during monsoon season.

    Story below:

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      I thought SUVs/4x4s were very well liked in India, because they can deal with the rough roads.

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        That is partly true, but it absolutely has to have a diesel engine, which the forester did not have when it was launched there in the mid 2000’s. Diesel is substantially cheaper in India., and with lax emissions regulations, the diesels are substantially more efficient than their Gasoline counterparts.

        If GM had launched the forester with selectable 4wd and a diesel priced at 10 lakh INE (app.20k USD) they could have been in a strong position there.

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    but he’s not our Doug anymore

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    I am surprised about the foot of water issue. The airbox for these cars is right under the hood, and even if water gets into the intake, there is also a trap for the water before the air charge hits the filter. The fuse box is at the same level on the other side of the car. I’ve forded ~18″ of water (enough to go over the hood moving at 10mph) with no issues in my lowered Impreza, on which the Forester is based.

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    It looks just like a Subaru Forester. That bowtie on the front makes it an oxymoron.

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    Four stroke engine? Sweet!

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