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Having done well with Jaguar Land Rover in its portfolio, Tata Motors is now turning to its premium subsidiary for its own foray into passenger cars and SUVs. reports the parent company is using the technical and design know-how JLR to begin growing its passenger vehicle line in Australia and beyond, though Darren Bowler, managing director of importer Fusion Automotive, assures that no badge engineering would occur between the two brands.

What would be shared, according to Bowler, would be platforms and engines, such as the global platform underpinning the upcoming Nexon SUV that could “be used as an Evoque… a Tata, [or] a Jaguar,” as well as the Ingenium family of four-cylinder engines that will soon turn up under the bonnet of many a JLR product.

In the meantime, Tata Australia plans to tackle the medium- and heavy-duty markets with the Ultra and Prima, both joining the light-duty Xenon.

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13 Comments on “Tata To Enter Global Passenger Market With Help Of Jaguar Land Rover...”

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    Ford was smart to drop Aston Martin, Rover but I’d have kept Jaguar.

    The XF and XJ were game changers.

    What Lincoln products should be.

    Or perhaps they should do what Cadillac did and raise the quality of Lincoln interiors to “Jaguar levels”.

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    Tata also owns the Rover, Lanchester and Daimler (UK) names.

    While the latter is unsuitable for a litany of reasons, I wonder if Tata will use one of the former two for their mainstream cars seeing how Tata lends itself to jokes in the West not to mention downplaying the inevitable question about “Why should I buy an Indian car?”

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    Tata sounds like a euphemism for something naughty.

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    Are those tools on the ground underneath this vehicle?

    If so, is that making a statement regarding the quality of same vehicle?

    Tata may be what the mech says as he walks away with your $.

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    Probably they could pick up a lot of Ford and Holden engineers in Australia as Ford and Holden stop building cars there. They have the experience and probably Australia would be a good engineering base.

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    “ reports the parent company is using the technical and design know-how JLR”

    Could also read:

    “The parent company is currently looking at some Ford components.”

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    Sure, no badge engineering. But the posh customers at Jaguar and Land Rover have access to a thing called the Internet. And when they slip into their smoking jacket and hop online, they’re going to be none too pleased that their British marque is on a platform with some impoverished third world sedan/jeep.

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    Long as it is not those trucks in the picture. Anytime I see one of those I will always think “Afghanistan” so I would never own one.

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