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Barack Obama + Connected Vehicles

Amid touring the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Va. and having a go at a driving simulator based upon a Saturn SL, President Barack Obama talked about connected vehicles and increasing highway funding before reporters in attendance Tuesday.

Autoblog and Bloomberg report the President spoke for 14 minutes on both subjects, though the majority of his speech focused upon the U.S. Highway Trust Fund. Obama warned that if Congress fails to come to a decision as to how the trust will be funded, 700,000 jobs and 100,000 active projects could be shuttered when the well runs dry next month. He offered some praise regarding bipartisan bills in both houses offering a solution, though Obama urged Congress to focus on the long term instead of “kicking the can down the road for a few months.”

On the connected vehicle front, he proclaimed his support for any new technology that could improve driver safety, referencing his 16-year-old daughter Malia alongside results of a study where 5.5 billion hours and $120 billion in time and fuel are lost annually due to traffic congestion. Obama also joked about his brief ride in the aforementioned simulator, finding the experience disorienting in relation to his diminishing driving experience.

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17 Comments on “Obama Talks Connected Vehicles, Highway Funding...”

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    Psst, your fly is open. Just kidding. But seriously, the Southern border is wide fking open bro-ham. I got your safety issue. Go look.

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      He just challenged Congress to come up with a solution to the “border crisis”. What more do you want? Do you think he can just tell government agencies what to do?

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        Ha! Agreed. He is helpless whenever he wants to be.

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          You mean, whenever an act of Congress is required for funding an initiative? Yeah, it’s been that way for a couple of centuries now.

          Any chance the comments can address connected vehicles and highway funding? I just read that Mulally joined the board of Google. That’s interesting….

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            A prominent law professor and avowed supporter of the Obama White House will tell the House on Wednesday that the president has created one of the biggest constitutional crises in the country’s history and will endorse House Republicans’ effort to sue to rein him in.
            Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University, will say President Obama is trampling the founders’ vision for the country in his push to circumvent Congress, and he will demand Republicans and Democrats alike forget their party labels to unify against this White House’s power grab.
            SEE ALSO: Obama’s legacy may be a total lack of cooperation
            “What we are witnessing today is one of the greatest challenges to our constitutional system in the history of this country,” Mr. Turley said in a prepared testimony, saying it began with previous presidents but under Mr. Obama has “reached a constitutional tipping point that threatens a fundamental change in how our country is governed.”

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            Any chance the comments can address connected vehicles and highway funding?


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            “Obama’s legacy may be a total lack of cooperation”
            I would change this to GOP of the 2000’s legacy is a total lack of cooperation.

            There is a lot of agreement on immigration changes, but because the Speaker cannot get people like Bachmann onside he doesn`t push ahead with it.

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            I don’t know if I’d call a consensus between big-business Democrats and big-business Republicans “lots of agreement”.

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        “Do you think he can just tell government agencies what to do?”

        Absolutely! He keeps saying that he has a “pen and a phone” and he’s showed no hesitation to work around Congress when he thinks it is politically expedient (and he can get away with it).

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          Yep. He does whatever he wants, even when he wants to act helpless.

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            Government is broken and a pox on both parties.

            “Democracy is the absolutely worst form of government with the exception of all the others that have been tried.” – Winston Churchill

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    Once the “connected vehicle” initiative is in full swing I can see another cash for clunkers program to get all the “unsafe” cars off the road.

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    Jeff S

    I would go for another cash for clunkers if they would include any vehicle that is 10 or more years old. I would trade my older truck without side airbags for a more efficient vehicle with all the safety features.

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      So do it — there’s nothing stopping you.

      Oh, wait, you mean you want *me* to make your down payment. That’s quite a different thing, now, isn’t it?

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    Moses we are in trouble, do something. OK, let me part the Red Sea. Thank you, you saved us. Oh wait, more trouble. We should never have listened to you. No problem, relax Moses is here never fear. Thank you, you saved us again. And the beat goes on….

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    Meantime the buzz in California is that the California Air Resources Board will hike gasoline taxes 15 cents per gallon. Not for road and bridge repair but to fund the Bullet Train.
    The CARB is composed of appointed party hacks with the power of raising gasoline taxes when they see the need.
    See how 15 cents goes down with We the Fools that elected the legislators that gave CARB the power to tax.

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      CARB has no authority to raise taxes of any kind. That’s the legislature’s job, and the state constitution prevents the legislature from delegating the taxing power to any agency.

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