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The first photos of the Buick Envision have leaked, with prices said to be ranging from $26,000-$32,000 USD.

Car News China is reporting that the Envison will be unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show, with sales starting in Q4 of this year. The Envision is also said to be based on the Delta compact car platform, rather than the Theta CUV platform that underpins the Chevrolet Terrain and GMC Equinox.

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44 Comments on “Buick Envision Photos Leaked...”

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    SCE to AUX

    The USD price is merely a conversion; you still can’t get one.

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    It’s good looking, but another crappy Buick name. I didn’t like Encore (old Renault hatch name) and I don’t like this either. I think they made a mistake using the Regal name too.

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    Not to argue with TTAC, LLN is reporting this is built on a “new” platform. Of course that could cynically mean it is on Delta II instead of Theta and hence the “new.”

    Chinese version reportedly will have real wood etc etc etc

    We’ll get a watered down version I’m sure.

    Question for B&B – does Delta II have an AWD variant anywhere in the world? If the answer is no…then I doubt this new cute ute is on Delta

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      Here is an article with more potential information, also linked above:

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        Thanks – so the answer is neither are right or wrong – it is somewhere between.

        E.g. – built on a new Delta platform, which isn’t likely “all new” but Theta is being shot in the head anyway, and the new Delta platform coming will replace both.

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      The Buick Encore does well on a Sonic chassis and adding AWD. The Borg-Warner read differential has a magnetic coupler that releases as speeds reach 37 mph it is free from the front wheels. Even with the Trifecta Tune. I cannot get it to hiccup or get out of shape with only a maximum of 50% of the power goes to the rear wheels. On the highway with traction control off in the snow it just goes where to point it. Even with stability program off I cannot get it into a tank slapper then at 29 mph it reconvenes stopping the fun.

      If the Envision has Explorer tow rating and AWD, this might be priced very close to a couple year old Yukon DenalI and match Enclave/Acadia towing too.

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    That dash!

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    I expected less side sculpting, more mini-Enclave.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I see a lot of BMW X5 in it.

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    MMM,GM product built with Chinese labour,I’ll pass. The Canadian and American governments bailed GM out so that they can build factories in China, how nice!

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    Seems pretty expensive seeing as how its a crossover.

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      If this is the same size as the Equinox, it’s a mid-sized crossover, of which there is are competitors. The Ford Edge and Jeep Grand Cherokee are the only two competitors in this size and price range.


      I learned to read – so this is going to be a compact crossover. Interesting that Buick would match this up to a Ford Escape/Jeep Cherokee/etc almost pound-for-pound, on price.

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    Looks good. I saw a new MKC today and I’d have to say I would take this over the Lincoln based on looks. But I’d like to see how they stack up in other areas and on road. If it is the D2xx platform you are probably seeing a scaled down next Gen enclave as well. Thought it was going on modified version of same platform.

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    Last night I checked out the new Lincoln MKC.

    Looked nice, seemed well built, SMALL, particularly the cargo area.


    $44,000 and $48,000 for the two on the lot.

    That’s right.

    Base was 35k.

    YE GODS.

    Anyway, I wish Buick luck if this is priced decently.

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      You can get a well equipped MKC for around 40k. 45k+ is primarily for the larger engine.

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        Yep, these were the ecoboost models, quite loaded up, glass roofs, etc.

        I haven’t priced out the Ford equivalent though so maybe this just seemed high…?

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          The Escape tops out, comfortably below 35k.

          The only MKC’s I’ve “seen” have all been pretty much loaded. In fact, I haven’t seen one on a lot. They go out as soon as they come in.

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      I test drove one this past Friday. We could have driven it home for $32k after talking to them for ten minutes. Extremely solid smaller SUV. Reminded me if a Q5 for feel and speed. But seemed tighter inside next to the Escape.

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    Chevrolet Terrain? GMC Equinox? I’m drunk, and yet I still realize that the brands are swapped on those.

    The GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox have a solid (but heavy) platform, but are woefully underpowered with the volume four-banger engine (and still get poor real-world MPG). Haven’t driven them with the V6. With the V6, I imagine they will be adequately powered and obtain even worse real-world mileage. Given that you need the V6 to make them accelerate as well as their lighter weight competitors, MSRPs are very high, and there aren’t quite enough incentives on them to make them competitive…

    IMO, V6 Equinox ~= a more solid I4 CR-V. The I4 Equinox ~= a more solid I4 CR-V running on three cylinders.

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    I have not seen anywhere the Envision is to get anything but a 2.0T.

    Equinox looks to meet or beat EPA combined half of the time since 2011:

    The CR-V wantonly tow 1,500 lbs where the Nox is ratied at 3,500 lbs for a 2,000 lbs difference or more than twice the actual weight of the Honda.

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      22-23 mpg average for the current generation on Fuelly (much bigger sample size for fuel consumption than TrueDelta):

      It’s about the same as last-gen CR-V but 12% worse than the current generation:

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    The back reminds me of the Suzuki Esteem wagon.


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    “The Envision is also said to be based on the Delta compact car platform”

    From the platform which gave you such hits as the Saturn Ion and Chevy HHR, comes this 30K turd.

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    ” …. rather than the Theta CUV platform that underpins the Chevrolet Terrain and GMC Equinox.”

    For correction’s sake, and to acknowledge segfault above, these names are reversed. Forgettable vehicles, I know, but surely TTAC can get Chevrolet to own up for the Equinox for the record.

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