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Well, let the speculation rest. The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata will not debut in Chicago, but at Laguna Seca.

Mazda made the announcement early Thursday, with the news that the new MX-5, known as the “ND”, will debut on September 3rd in Monterey, California. Events will also take place in Japan and Spain, with the ND on display at the “Miatas at Mazda Raceway” event from September 5th-7th.

Mazda debuted the Miata’s Skyactiv chassis at this year’s New York Auto Show, but many thought that a surprise debut in Chicago would mark the car’s 25th anniversary after it bowed in Chicago in 1989. But it was not to be.

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11 Comments on “2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata To Debut September 3rd At Laguna Seca...”

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    I am deeply torn,”Lillyhammer” my race prepped 1992 Sunburst yellow Miata just passed her last ever emissions test; in two years she will be past 25 and exempt from my states testing requirements. Part of the reason I sought her out was that I wanted one more “analog” car in my lifetime-hand crank windows-minimal electronics. In the years that I have owned her she has been amazingly reliable and what few repairs she has needed I have been able to teach myself. The idea of a sports car with a black box that can tattle on me in court is chilling, but the temptation of a stiffer chassis and skyactiv fuel efficiency is hard to ignore. I do feel like I am cheating on my mistress when I say this, but despite the Freudian implications I think it might be time to pass the old girl down to my son. Bring on the ND!

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      Many garages with an NC and an NA parked next to each other. No way I’d give up a sunburst NA, especially a stripped version. I had a similarly equipped 90. No power steering, no power windoes, and AC as the only checked option (I’m a native Floridian and don’t go without AC). I regret getting rid of it more than any other car I’ve owned.

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    I’m definitely looking forward to this debut.

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    This car is a legend, so maybe it doesn’t need saying… But if you want a “fun” car I’m not sure there is really anything better. Not a BMW. Not a Porsche.

    Huge grins, good prices new and used, never breaks, cheap when it does, easy maintenance, endless aftermarket, highly enthusiastic owners.

    Whenever anyone asks me which fun weekend car to get, it’s ALWAYS the Miata, no matter their price range.

    I too am looking forward to this. Sold my 97 nearly 6 years ago… It’s getting time to get another one.

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    jim brewer

    Debut at Laguna seca. Translation: we haven’t forgotten a thing.

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    Oh how I miss my Silverstone 1991. I’m a serial monogamist with cars but that one I kept for a record 13 years with only one bad window switch to repair.

    Alas, I now am a single father with two kids. But I’m thinking an ND will make a great buy in 10 years when I have a bit more room in my life for a two-seater.

    I can’t wait to see what they’ve done as Mazda’s recent products have really floated my boat. Any news about when we’ll see the Alfa Romeo version? I apparently like to torture myself.

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      I have read that the Alfa version is dead, because Sergio does not want a Alfa built outside of Italy. So it may wear a Fiat or Abarth badge instead. But I have also read that it would be automatic only, rendering the whole thing pointless.

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    …we’ve a five-year-old NC which is likely to remain a long-term keeper, but that doesn’t leave me any less excited to see its successor debut: i love where mazda has been going of late and only the MX-5 and 2, our favorites of the fleet, remain to get their respective sprinklings of magic pixie dust…

    …rumors have that the mazda 5 will be withdrawn from the market, sadly…

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    Miata Is Always The Answer

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    I own a ’94 C package that I bought new off a dealer lot. It’s still fun to drive and I have no plans to part with it. Just 200,000 miles and it’s been very reliable, just the normal wear items. I recently drove an FR-S and loved it but I have to admit: the steering and feedback in the Miata is superior and that’s what it’s all about.

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    Master Baiter

    Why do MX5s have 6″ of clearance between the top of the tires and the wheel wells? Looks like a$$.

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