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Another ordinary day at GM’s proving grounds, right? Well, I’m wondering what the hell a 2016 Camaro mule is doing with a CNG powered Impala.

That little black diamond on the decklid of the white Impala is similar to what you would see on CNG powered vehicles, and GM  has a CNG powered Impala in the works.

The rest of the spy photos (from shows a Camaro that retains a familiar profile despite riding on the Alpha platform shared with the Cadillac CTS and ATS. Don’t be surprised if a 2.0T 4-cylinder shows up under the hood either.

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42 Comments on “2016 Chevrolet Camaro Stars In One Of The Strangest Spy Photos Of All Time...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Having these cars sitting side by side doesn’t mean they know each other.

    A CNG-powered Impala – who cares? That’s a niche of a niche market.

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      I’d be entirely unsurprised if the Impala was a pool car or similar that the engineers grabbed to get to the track.

      As for the CNG models, almost all go to corporate or municipal fleets, who aren’t real picky about the car. Guessing the Impala would be a good replacement for the CNG Crown Victoria.

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    Does AutoGuide have a drone now? How long before somebody shoots it down?

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    I see they fixed the Camaro’s visibility issues.


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    I’m guessing that those photos were taken from a drone that was flying just outside the airspace of the Milford Proving Grounds, likely on the west side of the facility where the track is near the perimeter of the property. As drones proliferate, we’ll see more proving grounds shots like these. It’s probably worthwhile for someone like Chris Doane or Brenda Priddy to have drones up near the test tracks during all daylight hours.

    I suppose the car company could send up their own drones to obscure the view but they’re more likely to try to use whatever juice they have with the local PD and the FAA to hassle the drone operators. I’m quite sure that Dearborn police would shoo anyone away who was trying to operate a drone near Ford’s track.

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      >> Dearborn police would shoo anyone away who was trying to operate a drone near Ford’s track.

      As a kid, we used to climb up the wall to get a look. It was always Ford security that came after us back then. We used to scramble across Southfield into the woods on our bikes where the Lions Practice Facility etc. is now located. They never caught us.

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      Pretty sure you nailed the location. There’s only a couple of spots you can see onto the proving grounds from the surrounding roads, and that looks like one of them.

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    “Don’t be surprised if a 2.0T 4-cylinder shows up under the hood either.”

    Don’t be surprised about the lack of sales, either.

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    Hmmm…I’m just thinking back to the B&B comments circa 2009. “The Camaro not going anywhere” “splash in the pan” “fleet car within 10 months” ” the Mustang will dominate” etc, etc, etc…..

    Just saying!

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      +1, Mikey. There were all kinds of predictions of doom and gloom.

      WRT to the styling, this is a development mule, and heavily camouflaged like this, it’s really hard to determine what the exact proportions are. One can get a rough idea, but that’s about all.

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        I don’t know about the Camaro mule, but the new Impala is one beautiful car – I’ll go out on my limb and declare that it’s the nicest-looking Impala since the 1972 model!

        Still wish I could see out of a Camaro, for I’d like to own one – a convertible, in yellow, of course. Sigh – my impaired vision prevents that luxury, however…

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          @ Zackman…In my opinion, the the 2014 LTZ has just too much bling for a Chev.

          I think you have a 2012 with the Camaro motor? Very nice. In retrospect, I should of bought one of those, instead of the 2011 Camaro. For a guy my age the SS2 Camaro with a six speed was a nightmare, as a daily driver. A very expensive mistake!

          I love the looks of my 2014 LT. I’m rarely on the highway these days. The 2.5 does a great job around town. On the highway???? not so much.

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            Hey, Mikey!

            My Impala is a 2012 LTZ, Ashen Gray w/Black interior. 3.6L w/6 speed auto. Mine has the sunroof, so I guess it’s an LTZ2.

            I agree that the new LTZ is in Buick territory, but is still very nice. Did you know that each trim level gets its own unique grille?

            If and when I buy another new car it’ll most likely be a Malibu – I don’t need the large size anymore.

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          el scotto

          Zackman, I saw a Crystal Red Tinted clear-coat Impala at the grocery store. Chevy should advertise anything and everything in that color. A case of GM getting something exactly right.

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    Volt 230

    I guess the “hunkered down” sitting position only gets worse, does GM EVER read the negative reviews?

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    Does anyone truly believe that it’s coincidence that the next gen Camaro just happens to be out for pictures this week? Or that Ford just happened to release horsepower figures today? They aren’t trying to steal the limelight from a certain challenger by any chance, are they?

    At least the Dodge boys are finally getting some respect, as the segment leaders look over their shoulders and see 707hp looming in the ever decreasing distance.

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      Every dog has its day, both GM and Ford wouldn’t have a problem besting the Hellcat if they chose to do so as they have extensive experience with production supercharged powerplants.

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    Volt 230..I’m sure GM reads every negative review ever written. Though I’ll bet they pay more attention to sale numbers.

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    The biggest complaint of the camaro seems to be visibility, and those pics make it look like the side windows are even smaller. GM is, and has always been, sooooo slow to learn. Damn shame.

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      It is a mule. The platform is supposedly based on the ATS and the body won’t be seen for awhile. The interior will have to improve by three generations to keep up with the Mustang though, but the ATS is a fine handling car and the Camaro should be plenty of fun. I do hope they make it a real car with real sight lines.

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    It needs 4 inches sliced out of the beltline and 2 inches in height added to the greenhouse..

    “Bunker” styling has ruined a lot of cars this decade.

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    I always thought that I would love the Camaro, maybe even buy one, if they raised the roof line a bit. It was so close to being beautiful. Now it looks like they went in the opposite direction. No sale, Chevy. I’ll stick to my ’69.

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      I think a new camaro with the looks much more akin to the 69 would look fantastic instead of the modern retro look we had and seem to have with the newer camaros. Some days I get the camaro needs to be bigger like it is to accommodate people comfortably in every day driving. With all the safety measures needed I can get why its so big. But other days I wish the camaro could be a sleeker more nimble sports car with the muscle car look and muscle car engine. I was seeing a review for audis s5 and the reviewer was saying how the styling looked American and camaro like. And that’s exactly my line of thought as well, that the s5 looks along the lines of how I’d want a new camaro to look. Sharp lines, aggressive stance bit not as boxy or big looking as the current camaro.

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    Looks disappointingly huge. I read recently that it’s based on Big Alpha that also underpins the CTS, not Little Alpha that underpins the ATS. Head-smackingly stupid decision.

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      They said that about the upsized mustangs in 67 and 69. The big bird thunderbirds and countless other names (including the 5th gen camaro )that ignored pleas from minority enthusiasts and they all succeeded with the buying public. Stupid mistake? When was the last time listening to the enthusiasts paid off?

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    If this isn’t considerably lighter and doesn’t have more glass to see out of, Chevy will just be trolling us at this point, like they did with the Corvette seats and interior for so many years before finally LISTENING to the primary criticisms of the car and FIXING them.

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    So they went to the TVR Cerbera for some styling inspiration this time around, eh?

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    I saw one of these this evening in a surprisingly well-packaged arrangement driving at me down a two lane road near the site of that shot. Being a Camaro pre-production model, it had to be wearing a lycra mesh bra and black Daisy Dukes, but it looked a whole lot smaller, more athletic, and more Mustang-like than the current-generation Camaro that followed it. This one had the same Chevy duck-tail rear as the Impala. I have no idea how it could possibly appeal to the stereotype driving that current-generation Camaro – a balding side mullet and a slack-jawed gaze revealing toothless Meth-mouth just seemed more at home in the overstuffed Transformers prop than in what was looking like an actual sporty compact car.

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