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Alright, so the car in the photo is almost certainly not a GTI — not on steelies with no red trim. That’s a poverty-spec Euro Mk2, methinks. But the great people at Couch do have some GTI fabric guitar straps, if you want a bit of that old eight-valve mojo.

That is what an ’85 GTI looks like. It was apparently Motor Trend’s Car Of The Year. Well, I’ve always said that you can’t go wrong buying the MT COTY.
Here’s the interior of a well-cared-for ’85 GTI.
And here’s the guitar strap. If you’re interested in picking up a neat “upcycled” way to hang a guitar, you should check them out. Disclaimer: Your humble author owns about forty-something Couch straps, and has paid full price for each one.

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15 Comments on “Liked Our GTI Reviews? Now You Can Buy The Guitar Strap...”

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    So your guitar strap smells like beer farts and mildew? :)

    Maybe melt down some plastic and make a few drum sticks out of it and I might buy.

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    Unlike ethics, cars ARE relative. A great car in 1969 (say the BMW 1600/2002) would be outclassed in most objective measures (except mass, lol) by most cars today. Similarly, a 2004 Ford Fusion was a better car than the 1986 Taurus–but the Taurus was a great car in 1986, the Fusion was merely good in 2004.

    That said, the Mk II GTI, like the one pictured, represents the greatest car (relatively speaking) of the last 50 years.

    The BMW 2002 would be a close 2nd.

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    “Well, I’ve always said that you can’t go wrong buying the MT COTY.”

    2001: Chrysler PT Cruiser
    1997: Chevrolet Malibu

    ‘Nuff said.

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      I've got a Jaaaaag

      The 1997 Malibu was not that bad of a car, the negative image of that car stems from GM making it entirely too long.

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        Wasn’t there some story behind it winning that year?

        I notice that you didn’t dispute the other one.

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        I have to say the 97 bu’ was a terrible car. My Mazda built the year before was superior in every possible way. In fact there were entire generations of cars built prior to that turd that were by any measure better. I would even argue the Corsica being a better car.

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    Car Ramrod

    Jack, after you mentioned Couch last time I wandered through their site and eventually bought a wallet made of MB-Tex. It was a fine thing, but it was also cursed (only wallet I ever lost). Perhaps I’ll try again sometime.

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      Jack Baruth

      I ALSO lost my Couch MB-Tex wallet! Found it three months later in my office after I’d replaced everything including the wallet.

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        When I got my MB-Tex wallet (no snap) it came with a fortune cookie tape/message thing with inspirational Baruth MB-Tex quotes, iirc.

        My favorite wallet of all time, and showing almost no wear except the corners which a bit too pointy.

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    Agree with Tom. Bought the exact same car new and loved the hell out of it. Drove in and out of NYC 5 days a week. They stole the radio twice. Thank god for insurance. Both times in the Battery Park garage. Got smart and installed a removable radio. That held me for a few years but i forgot it once and they stole that one also. Thank god that was 25 years ago. I wonder when they stopped stealing car radios? All of a sudden it stopped and no one mentions it any more. Whatever it was a great car one of the seventy or so cars i have owned in my lifetime. Sorry i sold that one!

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      I think it might be that the cost of car stereos has decreased in relative terms, and it just isn’t worth it anymore.

      Car stereo thefts were very commonplace in the 80’s, but I can’t remember the last time I heard of one getting stolen.

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        Mine was out of my parents driveway in suburbia. Bought a junkyard OE one to replace it figuring stock would be less tempting, it didn’t work and was stolen off the passenger seat before I got to the yard to trade it in. Got a removable face unit from a friend cheap after that. The car got tossed once after that but that unit collects dust in a closet somewhere to this day.

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          Car Ramrod

          Stereos have gotten so cheap. What cost $300 a decade ago now goes for $99. My Wrangler is on its 5th stereo (stock was removed, 2nd was stolen when the Jeep was stolen but recovered sans stereo, 3rd was water damaged, 4th was stolen).

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    After the last Couch article I mentioned their site to my wife and she ended up buying her brother a blue vinyl GTO trunk liner guitar strap. He loves it.

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    I’d rather have a mkI wallet.

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