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When Bark M. and I made the most infamous podcast in the rather undocumented history of infamous automotive podcasts, we immediately scheduled a second podcast to be recorded in Louisville. Unfortunately, due to some microphone issues and my complete inability to operate my new Tascam eight-track, it was never released to the public. That’s probably for the best.

Those of you who have long subway rides or extended ayahuasca trips scheduled, however, might enjoy the Extra Mile Podcast from our friend Dan Roth. Dan’s not from the diss-track tradition, but he’s an entertaining, knowledgeable car guy. Check it out!

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9 Comments on “A Podcast Where Nobody Makes Fun Of Lamborghini Salesmen...”

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    Steely Dan rules!

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    Panther Platform

    OK, I am a huge Steely Dan fan, but I am totally baffled by this. The gentleman is David Palmer who did some vocals for the first Steely Dan album Can’t Buy a Thrill (most notably the song Dirty Work). I have no idea what Jack Baruth is talking about, I can’t download Extra Mile Podcast, and therefore the title “A podcast where nobody makes fun…” is nonsensical to me. Someone please help me.

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      Google sez: video is from “Midnight Special” aired in 1973. There’s a Youtube clip with this video and the studio version of the song, Do it Again.

      Jack Baruth speaks of everything and nothing all of the time and none of the time.

      Et wurb loo non wersh torga.

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      Dan Roth

      Download links:

      Ep 1:

      Ep 2:

      RSS feed:



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      “I have no idea what Jack Baruth is talking about”

      I believe that he’s comparing two performances that you probably didn’t know existed.

      (Personally, I had no idea that David Palmer had ever done the vocal on “Do It Again,” and I own every Steely Dan album. And Palmer’s voice doesn’t really work for it. “Dirty Work” matched his voice, but he’s a bit shouty for this.)

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        Panther Platform

        Donald Fagen did the vocals for “Do It Again” on the Can’t Buy a Thrill album. However when Steely Dan first toured Fagen was not the lead vocalist. But it soon became apparent to Fagen and Becker that Fagen was the best guy to sing their songs. From their sophomore album (Count Down To Ecstacy) on Fagen has been the only vocalist.(one exception: Becker sang one song on their last album). By the way these guys are great live. Fagen is now much more comfortable on stage and they have superb musicians.

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    That podcast made me a regular TST listener…I was looking forward to a TTAC podcast.

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