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The next Chevrolet Cruze – at least the one sold in China – will be getting a snazzy new interior.

Along with new Ecotec engines and a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, the Cruze will get a heavily revised cabin, which looks miles ahead of the interior in our current Cruze. From the looks of it, this is one Chinese car that would be a welcome addition to the GM lineup in the United States.

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30 Comments on “A Look Inside The Next Chevrolet Cruze...”

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    Oh I was hoping they’d do orange and black with huge pleather panels like in the Impala!

    Edit: Open up the photo of the dash – that pleather is literally the color of a basketball.

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    The Chevy Cruze and Malibu offer some highly attractive interior colors, but:

    #1 They need to improve the look of the base vehicles. If the base models looked like that picture, buyers would be proud to purchase them.

    #2 If they are using synthetic soft touch materials, they need more of them with a better interior designer. I don’t like cockpitized- designs.

    I prefer the look of the Elantra (with the same color scheme)

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    I can almost picture it after 6 years of full sun, with empty Mountain Dew bottles, dog slobber and hair, and potato chip crumbs, sitting in a WalMart parking lot sporting a spare tire.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Huh. I quite like it. This leaves me with zero incentive to try and get a 2014/2015 model…lol

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      Mr. Williams. I guess you and I are the odd men out. I see great thought and attention to details put into the design. The flowing lines give the impression of elegance and luxury. No doubt, if BMW or Audi claimed responsibility for this, the Teutonic fans would then state this is what only German Engineering could produce. And this is for a car in the 20K range. What’s the problem? Have you seen what VW dashboards look like?

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        Kyree S. Williams

        Yeah. The old Cruze was really the first car to bring midsize-level luxury to the compact segment. Since then, the Dart, Forte and Focus have all matched that. But this new Cruze brings things up another level. And it’s a beautiful design, too, IMO.

        As far as your VW comment goes, I agree with you there too. I tested a Passat recently and I was *not* impressed with the interior treatment. While I love VW a lot, I think their prices are now outrageous because even though they did some major decontenting on the latest U.S.-spec Passat and Jetta, you’re *still* paying quite a bit more money for the same features that other cars have. And both the RNS-315 and RNS-510 sat-nav systems *suck* and should be replaced immediately. And the RNS-810 in the Touareg and the Continenta/Flying Spur is easily outclassed by Hyundai/Kia’s new system (which my grandmother has in her 2014 Soul Plus). Hopefully the new sat-nav system in the Mk7 Golf is better…but I wouldn’t put it past VW to hold out on upgrading the Passat and Jetta with the new wares until they are completely redesigned a few years from now.

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    I’m getting tired of the blue neon everything in Chev cars and Buicks. I liked it at first but now would prefer white.

    Other than that it looks amazing.

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    Arthur Dailey

    Attention GM designers & engineers.

    Do you want this car to be a serious sales success in Canada?

    If so, then include a small folding ‘pass through’ in the middle of the rear seat. One that allows hockey sticks (and skis) to be placed inside the car while still allowing 2 rear seat passengers.

    For many Canadian families this is one of the primary requirements for purchasing a vehicle. One reason why Caravans and Journeys and hatchbacks sell so well in Canada.

    Very few, if any sedans (or coupes) made now have enough width or depth in their trunk to carry hockey sticks. Therefore they have to be strategically placed inside the car taking valuable passenger space and creating a safety hazard.

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    I hope they don’t mess with the US-spec Cruze. The car has great proportions inside and out. Updates will suffice. Let China have its own spec.

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    I just hope they have the good sense to offer the Cruze hatchback and wagon here in North America next time around. I think something like 50% of Focus sales are hatches. A Cruze wagon would give the Golf Sportwagen (especially with the diesel) a run for the money.

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    Might want to consider ixnaying the keyed ignition switch…….

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    So, now we’ve gone from the “Stabilize your rear deflectors; watch for enemy fighters!” school of interior design, to “Mr. Worf, a spread of photon torpedoes, if you please.”

    That, and it looks like tall drivers’ right knees are going to be intimately familiar with the console.

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    Its like someone took one of my shoes and designed a whole car interior around it, not impressed, at least it isn’t gray though.

    The center console design is a mess though, the important buttons and knobs are undersized and shaped weirdly, while the dash directs your attention to twit and facebook your friends, forgetting the traffic ahead.

    I wouldn’t care if the interior was still hard plastic like a stereotypical GM (seriously do people regularly massage their car interiors now?), its the design and odd shapes that bug me.

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    I like it! The seats would look much better with black inserts in them however. Overall this is SO much better then most interiors (especially GMs & Dodges) that are normally just a blanket of black or grey with random fake bits of silver or wood in them. My 350Z is all black bore-fest inside, however at least its silver bits are REAL metal.

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