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Over two decades ago during the early years of Japan’s Lost Decade (or Lost 20 Years for those who believe the nation’s economy has yet to improve since the boom of the 1980s), Soichiro Honda’s final car before his passing — the Honda Beat kei roadster — left the Yachiyo Industry Company-owned factory at Yokkaichi to take on the likes of the Suzuki Cappuccino and Autozam AZ-1.

History could come back around, however, when the factory gears up to build the production-version of the Honda S660 in 2015.

Autoblog reports the Yokkaichi factory — which currently builds the N, Life and Vamos for Honda under-contract — had been slated for expansion a few years ago before the automaker moved the majority of its kei-car production to its own factory in Suzuka.

No word on how many of the new roadsters will be built, nor how much they will be priced; it also remains to be seen if American Honda CEO Tetsuo Iwamura can bring the S660 — or S1000, should more power be needed than the 660cc turbocharged engine mounted mid-ship can provide — to the United States sometime after Japan gets theirs.

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11 Comments on “Honda S660 To Enter Production In 2015 At Former Beat Factory...”

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    As the previous owner of a S800 I am gladdened to see Honda get it’s “way” back.
    Now if they could get the new Fit on showroom floors I could show my support by buying one.

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    I know financially this car has to make zero sense… But I kinda feel Honda needs this car. Zero excitement in the lineup.

    This fills that hole and has that required “Hondaness” that many of us (used to?) love.

    Miata price ranges and it sounds perfect.

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      It’d be neat to see a cost analysis on bringing the car to the US market, and how many they’d have to sell at what price to make it feasible. I would honestly be amazed if Honda did manage to bring it to the US, around the Miata/FRS price point. I like to think it’s possible because Toyota’s sold the MR2/MRS here before, and Nissan has that sporty concept in the pipeline. Maybe it’ll even goad VW into bringing us the BlueSport.

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    juicy sushi

    If this was on sale in Canada, at Miata price levels, I would move heaven and earth to buy one.

    Wait, let me amend that. So long as it didn’t have a CVT. I want the stick for a fun car.

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    What is the over / under on this making it to the USA? Whatever it is I’ll take the under. No way this reaches US shores.

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      As the S660, it will never make it to the US, but they’re looking into making modifications to the chassis/body to accommodate not only US crash test standards, but a 1.0L turbo engine.

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      Felis Concolor

      Please let there be a US version. Please let there be a US version. Please…!

      As I start all my journeys at the 6000 ft mark, forced induction of any type is a welcome feature.

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    Fine looking car. Of course to my Brazilian eyes it looks tremendously like recent Peugeots. Together with the One kei car, it seems Honda is getting their mojo back in terms of design. At least for small cars.

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    about time Honda, about time. Hopefully if/when this comes to the states I will be in the market for a new car.

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