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Senator Bob Corker

Though no word yet has come down from Volkswagen on where the confirmed seven-passenger SUV for the U.S. market will be assembled, U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee says that decision would come “in the very near future.”

Detroit Free Press reports the senator couldn’t put a time frame on when VW would deliver its announcement, but did believe the automaker’s plans were “moving in the right direction,” despite Tennessee governor Bill Haslam stating no meetings were set up between his administration and VW since the end of the tumultuous fight over the Chattanooga plant between the United Auto Workers and anti-union opposition earlier in the year.

In response, Corker proclaimed:

I think if you had that conversation with the governor today he’d give you a different response. Again, the election was just certified within the last few weeks and you know things are moving in the direction that we thought they would.

He further stated that while the plant may not be the clear winner it once may have been, he had no indication that anything else has changed.

The Haslam administration offered a $300 million subsidy to VW if it chose to build its CrossBlue Concept-based full-size SUV in Tennessee, only to withdraw the offer in January 2014 ahead of the contentious organization election at the Chattanooga facility.

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20 Comments on “Corker: VW SUV Production Announcement To Come Sooner Than Later...”

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    They’ll build in Chattanooga and life will go on. This whole situation really illustrates how dirty the whole subsidy game can get. As a taxpayer, I’d like to see the practice end.

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    drama drama drama. It seems like vw wants excel at making drama more than automobiles. They’re such a bi-polar don’t hear about this whiny back and forth drama at any of the other German transplants.

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    I’ve tried to stay neutral in this whole thing, but I gotta say, it feels like Corker and his cronies played really, really dirty in their efforts to dissuade unionization. How can you have a fair vote when you’ve got Senators and Governors actively trying to influence the vote with piles of cash?

    It seems unlikely at this point, but I really hope VW takes its crossover elsewhere…someplace where the local government is willing to let a unionizaton vote succeed or fail on its own merits, and not what incentives the state may or may not heap on the automaker.

    …does a state like that even exist anymore?

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      Well on the other side you had vw management passively pushing the union onto a workforce that didn’t want the uaw. Letting the uaw actively campaign in the plant while forcing opposition employees to remain silent and robbing them of a voice while in the factory…I wouldn’t call that fair either.

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        And how many of those voters were intimidated by the threat of the state subsidies – i.e., their jobs – going away if they voted to organize?

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          How about the threat from management and german unions to vote for the uaw or lose their jobs via no future products?

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            Never happened . That was pure unadulterated propaganda coming from Corker & Co . What was said by VW-Audi was that by law [ German law ] all plants either overseas or in Germany must allow its employees the option of joining the Union as well as the plant as a whole having the OPTION of completely Unionizing should they chose to do so . Then following up that statement by saying they .. VW-Audi must abide by the rules and laws laid down in Germany with the host country having been made fully aware of those laws .. and therefore the consequences of VW-Audi not being allowed to operate under the constraints they are under may 1) No longer chose to expand south of the Mason Dixon line and Tenn. specifically … and B) May be forced by those constraints to eventually pull out of Tenn. all together .

            A statement of fact . Not a threat . Unlike the barrage of rhetoric that came and is still coming from Corker an Friends

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            3800 you need to look back and read what actually happened to the workers during that vote. Look into the right wing blogs and a.m. radio shows. It was way different then what you see on Fox news.

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          I would say all of them were intimidated.

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        3800FAN ; Not true . Not even close . IF you even remotely comprehend the culture of VW-Audi as well as all the German auto makers you would know that by law [ German law ] All German auto makers plants , overseas or in Germany must either be fully Unionized or at least allowing each employee the option of joining the Union . VW-Audi was pushing for the later … which would of given every employee the choice of whether to join or not . Whereas the gentleman from Tennessee [ and I use that term loosely ] and his cronies pushed – shoved – cajoled – bribed and threatened everyone from the Assembly Line workers right up to management to Not Allow any option what so ever for the employees to chose to join the UAW .

        Simply stated Corker ( who is in fact a real ‘corker’ if you get my meaning ) and his allies applied some hard core Whitey Tighty – Southern Good Ole Boy Network – Boss Hog – Strong Arm tactics to each and every worker at the VW plant as well as their voters and constituents in order to further HIS agenda with FULL knowledge that the consequences may very well end up being VW-Audi not only not expanding the Tenn. plant … but pulling out completely as well as bringing to an end their projected plans to expand even further south of the Mason-Dixon Line .

        Which is to say …. as is true thru out the US South … SNAFU/SSDD only a 150 or so years later [ read the business history of the south over the last century or so ] Oh the terms have changed . From slave – to company town miners – to share cropper – to now workers banned from unionizing etc . But the ethics , strategies and attitudes still remain the same . Much as it ever was . Much as it most likely will ever be

        Thanks now in no small part to the Insular Xenophobic Hypocritical idiots posing as good citizens otherwise known as the Tea Party ..

        BTW – Heard the one about the millions of US & Tenn. tax payer funded subsidies Corkers family equestrian stud farm receives annually despite each and every member of the Corker family being worth multiple millions ?

        Gotta love a hypocrite . Or not . Lets go with not .

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          Dave M.

          And yet VW chose to build in a right-to-work state where joining a union is an option. How’s that work again?

          PS You don’t need to space before a period.

          PPS I’d be interested in reading about the Corker’s horse farm golden goose. Is there a link?

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          bla bla bla… Yes they gave the workers the option of joining a union and they voted no.. same as at bmw, and mb transplants.. and those companies give their southern non-union plants plenty of product. Why did vw choose to build a plant in the anti-union south instead of the union dominated north if they wanted a unionized workforce? Hey they could have reopened their uaw westmorland PA plant that got shut down in 1988 due to poor quality. The fact is vw is controlled enough by IGMETAL and because of us labor laws forbidding company unions (which is what vw really wants) they’re trying to force in the uaw. The line workers saw a few things.
          1: they make more than big 3 uaw workers so the union couldn’t offer anything except less pay thanks to dues
          2: Bob King said without a transplant organizing the union has no future…ok thanks Bob..good to know you’re looking out for the workers and not your own ass…..

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            It was a little more involved when you also add in legislators handing the carrot over the workers as they voted. It was like they were living in Iran or Russia.

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    ….. but sometimes despite all the political wrangling along with VW-Audis notorious habit of NOT listening their current as well potential customers …

    Ones sole wish for a future VW-Audi product can come true ! Behold … the next generation Microbus ;

    What an even longer Strange Trip it still might be !

    ” Truckin… got my chips cashed in …. ”

    Sorry Marcelo de V ! Sometimes us old guys really do rule ! ( LoL) Ciao !

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      You can get one of those now,,, it’s called the mazda 5 and you don’t have to pose like a dumbass hippy when you drive. It’ll also be far more reliable and get better mpg than a vw pos.

      VWs problem is they’re a bi-polar company that hates change and can never figure out what they’re really good at because they want it all.

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    I feel like this is VW’s decision somehow.

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      Yeah man, smart management doesn’t pick sides but instead plays to win given all the possible outcomes. Keep straddling the fence until the chips fall where they fall.

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    VW should first try get the Jetta, Passat, Golf, and GTI right for the US market. Those cars are where their expertise is at, and the current models are not really working too well for the US market. Instead they are blurring their focus with this SUV.

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    I didn’t know Glenn Beck and Joe Liebermann had a band?

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