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The future of the Land Rover Discovery family — the Discovery Vision concept — was unveiled before attendees at the 2014 New York Auto Show Wednesday.

The concept SUV’s design language will be echoed throughout the entire family that will begin entering showrooms in the coming years, though that’s only the beginning for the Discovery’s silver future.

Among the many driving enhancements on-board the concept include Remote Drive Control — allowing the driver to maneuver their Defender out of the bog without needing to be behind the wheel — Transparent Bonnet display for avoiding obstacles obscured by the height of the bonnet, Laser Terrain Scanning, and Smart Glass augmented reality system.

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28 Comments on “New York 2014: Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Live Shots...”

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    Hey ! Nice looking Ford Explorer !

    Oh wait . Its got a Land Rover badge on its snout and no doubt a pretentious price tag to match .

    Hey ! Nice looking Ford Explorer with a Land Rover badge on its snout and no doubt a pretentious price tag to match !

    Sad the way Land Rover [ as well as JEEP ] are watering down their product line up in order to accommodate the Chelsea Tractor / Hamptons wanna be / Soccer Mom crowd . A lyrical tribute to both ;

    ( to the tune of ; ” All Along the Watch Tower ” .. )

    There must be some way out of here
    Said the Land Rover to the JEEP
    There’s just to much confusion now
    As to what we’re supposed to be

    Foreign owners they strip our purpose
    Plowmen dig where we once drove
    Neither having a single clue
    Exactly what we’re worth

    No sense to get excited
    The JEEP so kindly spoke
    There are now so many here
    Who’ve been made into a Joke

    But you and I we are stuck here as well
    And my son this is our fate
    To be mere shadows of our past
    For fashion , profit , greed to make

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      Your actually spot on this one. It totally looks like a Ford Explorer. Except this is the metrosexual Land Rover model for all anti-American euro buyers.

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        Even more spot on than one might think alsori . Because …. underneath all that Land Rover pretense and cladding ….. lurks …..

        Oh heck ! You’s a pretty sharp guy . You can guess the rest !

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      I like the Explorer better…

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        Especially the Explorer Sport with the twin turbo V6. Basically the SHO of Explorer’s.

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          The Ford D-platform CUVs with the 3.5EB are all excellent vehicles. Ford did an fantastic job styling the Explorer Sport. I’m sure it outsells the Taurus SHO by a healthy margin.

          If Ford really wants to keep Lincoln around, they need to style the Lincoln MKT/Aviator like a Land Rover with Lincoln cues. The styling has held that vehicle back, or shot it between the crosshairs at launch.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      The person who designed the current Explorer was formerly the chief designer at Land Rover, so I would wager to say that he adopted the Land Rover styling and merely beat the Brits at a design that they would have happened upon anyway.

      And as far as “watering down” the product, that’s what happens when you want to stay profitable. Get too specialized and you wind up like Lotus.

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    The article says this is an SUV… as in BoF?
    Or as in CUV AKA-minivan

    That’s a lot of “offroad” tech that will never be used but be sure to sound tons of warning when it inevitably breaks. Personally I’ve never seen much(read anything) that this technology could do that couldn’t be solved with either a sturdy roll cage or some good tires.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      I would think that by now, the definition of “SUV” could be expanded to fit certain crossovers. After all, there really are only a handful of body-on-frame *SUVs* these days, and most of them are full-sized. Even the current Discovery 4/LR4 uses a unibody structure with a ladder-frame underneath.

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        Ford calls the Explorer an SUV and the Flex a crossover even though they are related.

      • 0 avatar

        An SUV need not be BOF but it should be designed from the ground up with the durability and capability needed to spend most of it’s time off of paved roads.

        Packing a car-based tall wagon with electronic “offroad” gew-gaws and calling it an SUV doesn’t count as it is still missing the heavy-duty suspension, steering, and drivetrain components necessary to handle 15+ years of off pavement use.

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          Aw but its so much easier and cheaper that way! Path of least resistance nearly always wins out.

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            Exactly, it used to be manufacturers were content to recognize CUVs as on-road vehicles only but these latest attempts by Jeep and LR to pass off CUVs as SUVs marks a sad new direction. It is little more than a desperate cash grab at the expense of their hard-won reputations.

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        Station wagons in the traditional sense (don’t?) exist any longer, the name can go dead, but like if Ford killed the F150 and named a pinto like car the F150, some things don’t work.

        + everything azm said
        There’s no point even giving a CUV its own category, car like space from car derived platform, minivan height and towing capability. Yawn.

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    What’s with the pedals so close to each other? Are LR driver’s heal and toeing? And, is this thing really going to have suicide doors?

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    I like the embedded C-pillar logo detail, and I’m very happy we’re going back to this sort of brougham type thing. I thought all hope was lost after the C-pillar emblem was only left on the Quattroporte.

    But the styling leaves a lot to be desired, and it seems to have a very poor use of space in there. Doesn’t look like room for a usable third row either. Ground clearance looks poor.

    And does the V fin thing on the fender have LEDs on it? Uggggg.

    I broke my Augmented Reality system, please fix at dealer.

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    And they laughed at the Jaguar Mondeo.

    But seriously, they could have at least painted the windshield pillars something other than black or put some fake metal cladding over them to try to hide the Explorer lurking within.

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    This might just be me, but I think it looks really cheap and ugly when a car’s tires protrude beyond the edge of the wheel well. This concept car totally rubs me the wrong way.

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