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The 2016 Audi A3 TDI Sportback turned up at the 2014 New York Auto Show wearing white over its diesel-driven FWD system and automatic transmission.

The diesel in question is a 2-liter turbo pushing 150 horsepower to the front through a standard six-speed S tronic transmission.

Inside, drivers can kick out the jams through the hatchback’s MMI infotainment and Bang & Olufsen audio systems while passengers make use of the on-board 4G LTE connection.

No word on pricing, fuel economy or other details beyond an arrival time of Summer 2015.

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15 Comments on “New York 2014: 2016 Audi A3 TDI Sportback Live Shots...”

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    Audi really takes the term “incremental upgrade” to heart. I thought Volvo was conservative.

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    it looks like a mid-cycle refresh to my wife’s 2006 A3.
    took about 10 years to get there…

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    Poor little Audi A3 TDI Sportback ;

    ” Everybody Loves You till the Rent Comes Due ”

    Everyone desperately wanting one – complaining when they cant have one – whining cause nobody makes one . Until that is one becomes available and the time comes to pull out the ole checkbook and pony up to the bar for one that is .

    Poor little Audi A3 TDI Sportback [ as well as VW Golf TDI Estate [ Once the initial sales rush is over . Destined to languish on lots across the US . Until that is VW-Audi heavily discounts them and then pulls them back out of the US market

    Poor little Audi A3 TDI Sportback and VW TDI Wagon . An idea who’s time in the US has come and gone . Worldwide as well as a matter of fact . Your kind having been supplanted by the ubiquitous , much loved , somewhat despised [ by hardened car geeks with more opinions than cash ] and much more utilitarian compact and premium compact CUV

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      Actually the A3 TDI sold in really good numbers at really good margins once it was introduced to the US market.

      “really good” being a relative thing, considering that Audi rarely moved more than 500 A3s per month during its original run here.

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        Remember your Mom telling you “just because everyone else is does it, doesn’t make it right.” That’s how I feel about SUVs. I miss my A3, it was a great little car.

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          I second that. Custom ordered mine in 2005 after a spur of the moment test drive.

          It was my first Audi. Just an amazingly versatile and fun car to drive. Could fit a lot of stuff in that small package.

          I miss it. The 3 series wagon I have now is good, but not as great as the A3.

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      Compact wagon/hatches do just fine in the US market. However, that is not the same as expensive compact wagon/hatches.

      People buy compact wagons/hatches beceuse they are the cheapest way to satisfy the most need. Raise the price, and that selling point is gone. If it doesn’t sell well, its problem will be price & value, not body style.

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      Assuming we’re talking about the same thing (VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI), I don’t know that I’d agree. We own a 2011, and the used market was hot enough when we went to purchase that we ended up with a new car – the used cars commanded a price that was remarkably close to the new cars. I can’t find specific sales numbers, but I do know that where I live, and places I’ve driven, the number of the TDI Sportwagens is still increasing. As an example, I drive through Oregon about once or twice a year – one of two states remaining where you can’t fill your own car at the pump. Two years ago, the gas station attendants had trouble with the concept of a diesel passenger car, and would worriedly inform me that I’d made a mistake and stopped at the diesel pump instead of the gas pump. A week or so ago, two separate station attendants noted how common the TDIs were becoming, and I got no odd reactions (even in the middle of Eastern Oregon) to pulling up to the diesel pump. I’ll also point out that the CUV’s I looked at when car shopping had no significant utilitarian benefits over the wagon, at least for us, while the ride quality and fuel economy of the wagon were better. Not everyone has the same needs, but I actually see the smaller wagon segment as one of the few that strongly appeals to younger (relatively) car buyers such as myself.

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    Rod Panhard

    I’m glad that the “Chick Car” mantle has been wrested away from the Miata. Or was it the RAV4?

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    Drop the V6 3.0 diesel from the A6 into this little body and you’d have a BEAST. With a stick.

    It’s so good it’s

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    Can we please have this without the diesel? It’s tiny. It’s light. The gas engine would be MUCH more fun, and economy would be just fine, too!

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