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General Motors used the 2014 Beijing auto show for the world premiere of the next generation Chevrolet Cruze while Shanghai GM launched the Chevrolet Trax, what the brand calls its “new urban SUV”, for the Chinese market. The Trax is Chevy’s version of the Opel Mokka, which is also sold in Buick livery as the Encore. The Encore has done so well in the U.S. market that GM has had to juggle production at its Korean and Spanish plants to keep up with demand. The Trax will eventually come to America, where GM hopes it will repeat the Encore’s success. If it does, some of that success may come at the cost of cannibalizing some Encore sales.


The Cruze is the first vehicle to be based on GM’s all new D2XX architecture, which replaces the Delta platform. It’s also the first application of the new-generation Ecotec small displacement four cylinder engines developed jointly by GM and its Chinese partner, SAIC. The direct injected engine will be available in either 1.5 liter naturally aspirated form with 113 hp and 108 lb.-ft. of torque, or a 1.4 liter turbocharged motor with more power, 140 hph, and 173 lb.-ft. of torque. Also all new and jointly developed by GM and SAIC is the new Cruze’s 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. The Cruze will also be available with the latest 3rd generation of GM’s S6 6 speed automated manual as well as an all new 6 speed manual developed in Europe. GM claims that the new drivetrains will yield “best-in-class fuel economy, ride comfort, emissions and quiet performance.”


The Trax will come with 18 inch wheels, a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine and what is likely the same six speed automated manual that will be available in the new Cruze. Intelligent all-wheel-drive system will also be offered, along with a suite of 8 safety systems including stability control, curve braking control and rollover mitigation. Inside, the Trax features a 7 inch full color touch screen with the latest version of Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system.

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38 Comments on “2014 Beijing Auto Show: Chevy Trax, New Cruze...”

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    Da Coyote

    Ah, ‘twould appear that we’re lookin’ at the new Chevy Fusion (first pic).

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    That Trax looks cheap. Like an Aveo.

    I bet it will help prop up prices for the Encore.

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      I scoped out a new Trax at work last week. If you think the exterior looks cheap, wait til you get a look at the interior. It’s disappointing even by GM standards.

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        It’s like a cheapened Equinox copied at 75%, but the Equinox was already cheap enough and small enough.

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        Loki is right. My Canadian family member has one. The interior reminds me of my parent’s HHR, in a bad way.

        • 0 avatar

          Ew, HHR.

          • 0 avatar

            Yeah, its terrible. It eats brakes like tic-tacs too. My Mom needs to get an Escape or something. Her HHR has crossed the 160K mile mark. She wants it to die, but it refuses. My parents bought it cheeeeeaaaaap during the Carmeggedon days.

            (I wasn’t fair to the brakes. The front rotors kept needing to be replaced because the GM dealer is terrible. Once she went to an indy brake place, she has put 40K miles on her car without a brake issue.)

          • 0 avatar

            @Corey Ew, HHR.

            Indeed. Why would anyone buy a HHR that is cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap to run and save money for other important things in life when they can overpay by $15,000 for a bling bling altima and feel good about themselves cause when you buy an expensive blinged out car it immediately elevates you and your neighbors are highly impressed. Ever wonder why most good looking men and women are driving around in 8 year old jeeps/pontiacs while the ones buying cars for the badge need their ‘rides’ to compensate whatever is lacking.

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            Who has a bling bling Altima? Was that supposed to offend me?

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            My parents that own the HHR don’t even like the HHR. However, I can’t blame them for purchasing something for under $12K new after they traded in a clapped out 2nd gen LH-car with almost 200k miles.

            It certainly works as a commuter for my mother, but I also think she shouldn’t have to be subjected to PT Cobalt wagon ownership. Its virtues are that it is a car that runs and has a trunk that is easy to load things in. The sooner she purchases an AWD Escape or similar product (used even) the better. She has to drive the back roads of a semi-rural Michigan county in the winter. I have a soft spot for cars my parents have had over the years (even the crappy ones), but the HHR is a hateful, spiteful, torture chamber of sadness. “Ew” is acceptable.

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    The Trax doesn’t necessarily have to eat into the Encore sales. GM has time to upgrade the Encore with a next generation to maintain the upscale appeal before introducing the Trax at a lower price. I know GM could downgrade the Trax interior, but can they upgrade the Encore enough?

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    How I tire of aggressively styled econoboxes with fewer than 4 liters of displacement and 0-60 times surpassing 8 seconds.

    The Cruze looks like an Optima.

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    How very appropriate that GM shows these two in China first in light of where the majority of their content originate from . How very appropriate indeed ;-)

    So yes sireee ….. Hurry – Hurry – Hurry on down to your local DaeWoo with a Chevy badge on the sign dealership . Buy [ GM’s version of ] American . Keeping Wang Chou , Kim Pak and Nein Tai in rice and tofu for years to come

    Speaking of content . Anyone seen the percentage of US based content in the new Silverado/Sierra ?

    Suffice it to say the new Toyota Tundra [ built in Texas ] is more American than both the Sierra and Silverado combined

    But yes sireee .. Buy [ GMs deluded and diluted version of ] American !

    Your out of work former GM UAW neighbor will love you for it !

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      Daewoo is Korean. GM has gotten a big piece of its platform engineering from Korea and Opel in the past. Chances are, a chunk of their future engineering will be coming from the GM/SAIC partnership. We’ll get the engineering but not the cars, which will still be assembled in America. The Chinese production has to satisfy Chinese demand first, then conquer Asia.

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      Um, GM is the only domestic to build a subcompact (Sonic), much less a compact in the US.

      Ford, otoh, builds the Fiesta in Mexico.

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    I don’t like that shallow windshield angle in the Cruze; reminds me of the “Dustbuster” minivans.

    • 0 avatar

      That’s the new fuel-sipping aerodynamic standard. It’s also part of the “pedestrian-friendly” front end design. After you’ve knocked the pedestrian off his feet, he’ll roll over the hood, and then will roll up the windshield onto the roof, if you were going fast enough. If he’s not too put off by the collision, he might hand you the coffee cup you left up there.

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    The Trax is less derpy than the Encore, which looks like it was styled as a compact sedan made of Silly Putty, then tugged upward until tall enough.

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    I’m surprised no one has wondered or asked why China is getting an all new Cruze and the US is getting a Cruze with a revised grill. Reminds me of what Ford did with the Focus, cheapened it considerably and passed on an entire generation of the “rest of world” Focus.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Who cares if anyone doesn’t like this Cruze? It’s not like they’ll come across it. I thought we had already established that this is the China-only version of the Cruze…

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    “The Trax will eventually come to America, where GM hopes it will repeat the Encore’s success. If it does, some of that success may come at the cost of cannibalizing some Encore sales.”

    Proof that, despite what GM lawyers are arguing in the recall case, the Old GM is indeed alive and well.

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