Smaller Jeep To Slot Beneath Renegade

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Though the Jeep Renegade already bowed at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, the off-road brand has plans for not only a fullsize SUV similar to the discontinued Commander, but an A segment SUV slotted beneath the Renegade, as well.

Auto Express reports the A segment vehicle could possibly be underpinned by the next-generation Fiat 500, though would face greater engineering challenges than those faced by the Renegade — built upon Fiat’s “small-wide” archecture underpinning the upcoming 500X — to make it Rubicon-ready, as Jeep boss Mike Manley explained:

We couldn’t make an SUV off of “small wide” as you can’t get the ground clearance. It was completely changed by Jeep engineers so now it’s “small wide 4×4” architecture.

The A segment Jeep could also aid in bringing the brand into compliance with increasing CO2 emissions standards, though the improvement drive — much like the vehicle itself — will be a long, hard road to hew:

There’s relentless pressure to reduce CO2 and there’s much more for us to do. We’re trying to stay away from complexity and improvements are slowly coming.

Meanwhile, Manley’s focus is toward the Grand Wagoneer, which will slot above the Grand Cherokee. The fullsize SUV will boast room for seven and “be bigger than the old Commander” made between 2006 and 2010.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Rpol35 Rpol35 on Mar 06, 2014

    Smaller than a Renegade? They'll have to call it a Peep or maybe even an eep!

  • Joe McKinney Joe McKinney on Mar 06, 2014

    From 1974-1993 Chrysler built the Ram Charger which was a two-door, full-size, bof SUV based on the D100/Ram pickup platform. This model was discontinued when the Ram was redesigned for 1994. I have always wondered why Chrysler has never built a full-size, four-door SUV based on the post-1994 Ram pickups.

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  • AJ AJ on Mar 06, 2014

    I'd wheel it. Just expect it to have some damage to all that plastic hanging low when I return it from the test drive.

    • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Mar 07, 2014

      Buyers will be causing the same damage with the tire curbs in Walmart parking lots.

  • Kyree Kyree on Mar 07, 2014

    If the Wagoneer ends up a reality, it is just going to *kill* the Durango...

    • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Mar 08, 2014

      What if they rebadge the Durango as the Wagoneer? That's the easy way to get a high priced Jeep model (and help kill off the Dodge line).