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2007 Chevrolet HHR

General Motors, in the midst of a 1.6-million vehicle recall involving a faulty ignition switch discovered a decade earlier — and the resulting silence until late February of this year — must now answer a 107-question survey issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the recall by April 3.

Autoblog reports the 27-page survey aims to collect more information about the timeline between the time the fault was found to the point the recall was finally issued, though more pages could be tacked onto the survey before the NHTSA decides on the proper course(s) of action, including multi-million dollar fines and criminal charges.

Question in the survey include a detailed look at GM’s examination process, future improvements to be made, thorough looks over each complaint regarding the defect, and why a replacement for the switch was ultimately delayed until near the end of the Cobalt’s life.

Meanwhile, GM CEO Mary Barra will be conducting a similar survey among all employees involved with the recall independently through an outside law firm.

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18 Comments on “GM Receives 107-Question Survey Over Ignition Recall...”

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    this is a deflection from the only question that matters, which is Who knew and When? answer that and I’ll believe a New GM is possible. not holding my breath. my guess is Lutz, but I could be wrong.

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    Looks like this is a problem for Motors Liquidation Inc. :)

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    In the past, GM would use the excuse that “we can’t be blamed because those cars were made by Old GM and we’re New GM which is technically a different company” and get away with not recalling older vehicles. Yet here the cars involved were made by Old GM and they’re taking the blame. I’m glad they are, but what’s different about this case where they can’t use the same excuse and get away with it?

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      This has been brought up. No one is 100 percent on product liability, but New GM is 100 percent on the hook for recalls of old GM stuff per the agreements with the Government.

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    SCE to AUX

    I hope they hit ‘save as…’ when replying, since this will come up later in court.

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    Land Ark

    The last I heard the deaths involved were all while the cars were being driven off road by people not wearing seatbelts. I believe that was when the death count was at 4. Have they made similar claims since the number of vehicles and victims has risen?

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    IMO we’re only at the tip of the iceberg on this particular problem…my brother’s 98′ Olds Intrigue had the same problem and shut off on him randomly a few times on the interstate, where he lost power steering and had his life flash before his eyes. He got rid of the car before it got rid of him.

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    GM will send back a 453 page Powerpoint presentation.

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    1980’s and 1990’s Honda vehicles has ignition switch contact problems as well. I don’t remember any recalls.

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      What about the Fords and their ignition switches, that could literally go up in smoke. That went on for some ridiculous amount of time and finally ended in a recall. Which, by then, many of the cars affected by the recall had seen their service life end anyway.

      I stopped parking my Grand Marquis in my garage (which is under my bedroom), as I didn’t want to be roasted by my own car! I donated it to a local charity soon after. I never saw it again.

      I’m not excusing GM or Delphi for this; but there seems to be no urgency on the part of the regulators to spur on the car companies, either.

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    Honda actually did do a recall on the late 90’s CL, TL, and a number of Honda vehicles. Recall #02V120000

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    Everyone’s regular driver training should include shutting off the ignition while rolling to practise safely controlling the vehicle without power. PS: quite the pastiche, that car in the illustration of the article.

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    Question #1: How much would you like to donate to HILLARYPAC?

    Question 2-107: See question 1.

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