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Jaguar released this teaser of their new 3-Series competitor, the XE. All we know is that it has an all-new 2.0L 4-cylinder with a turbocharger and is based on an scalable aluminum architecture. Expect a full debut at September’s Paris Auto Show.

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29 Comments on “Geneva 2014: Jaguar XE Fights The Three...”

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    Nice, this is the Jag that has been missing. The X-type didn’t bring the cred.

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    I gotta admit; Jaguar has seriously re-upped their game in the design department. I’m not sure what it is about that chilly island in the North Atlantic, but they sure can design some beautiful cars.

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    I love the look of the new Jaguars and the sounds that they make are downright outrageously awesome. However, I am still skeptical of Jag’s reputation for lack of reliability. Looking forward to seeing what this looks like when it comes out.

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      Not to be a nitpicking jerk but if you are ‘skeptical of Jag’s reputation for lack of reliability’, then you have nothing to worry about! :-)

      and yes, I can’t wait to see one of these!

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      juicy sushi

      There’s no need to be skeptical about the reputation. They are that bad. It’s just like Alfa Romeo, these are not cars bought for practical reasons.

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        Maybe once upon a time. While they wouldn’t have Toyota levels reliability any time soon, I believe they are about as reliable (or unreliable depending on your POV) as current competitors like MB, BMW and Audi

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          juicy sushi

          Haven’t heard too many stories of BMW’s having front suspensions collapse from structural failure. I have heard of that happening on an X-Type…

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        That’s for the 3rd owner to worry about, after lessee #1 and the CPO buyer that follows.

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      I dunno…my 2004 has been the second-most reliable car I’ve ever owned. Most reliable was my wife’s M35.

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        The first year of the aluminum XJ? You got very, very lucky, especially with the CATS.

        What year is your M35? An x? I’m also interested in her observed MPG’s.

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    It does appear that the Indian overseers have allowed the English coachbuilders and engineers to do their jobs. Meddling with your new prestige toy has been difficult to resist for many, with predictable results. Does anyone look at a Rolls-Royce today and think of past Silver Ghosts? An NBA player who is an acquaintance of an acquaintance said his teammates go Bentley with rookie money and Italian with their second contract. I’m still one of the XJ6/XKE purists, but time and taste have passed me by, and they seem to have hit a sweet spot with their current clientele. Good for them.

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    Could more of a competitor to the MB CLA.

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    Based on their current offerings, Jag is probably going to get the driving dynamics/fun quotient right (as well as quality of interior materials) and probably will get the sheetmetal design right as well.

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    Are there any Jaguars that can be bought with a manual transmission?

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    Toy Maker

    That’s a very nice Lancer Evo front end.

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    This is an aspirational car and will be a great step up from my GTI with its, uh, 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo…

    But I guess I will be impressed by disappearing dash vents, and shift knobs that emerge on start-up, etc.

    I’m less and less enamored by these luxury and “performance” brands because so often it feels like I imagine purse shopping does for some women – they all have the same basic components, just different levels of bling.

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    Looks good too bad it’s British since we all know how reliable British cars are not to mention their low resale value.

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