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Renault Twin'Run Concept

Renault’s production alliance with Daimler is about to bear fruit as the automaker will unveil their new Twingo minicar at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show next month.

The new car — going from three doors to five for this outing — will be underpinned by a platform shared with Smart’s upcoming four-seater, both of which will also be rear-wheel drive, and assembled at Renault’s Novo Mesto, Slovenia plant.

Automotive News Europe is reporting that the switch to RWD is part of an effort to take the Twingo upscale, offering a level of personalization Fiat and Opel offer in their respective minicars to the customer. Styling is expected to take cues from the Twin’Z and above Twin’Run concepts shown at auto shows last year.

Renault aims for conquest sales with the next-gen Twingo, wanting to attract more men to the car; the majority of current-gen Twingo buyers are women.

The newly revised minicar will enter Renault showrooms in the third quarter of 2014.

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28 Comments on “Renault Twingo Goes Upscale, RWD...”

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    This could go really well or really badly. If it is low with a low engine and a good suspension this will be an enthusiast’s dream. However if it is a big Smart it will be a disaster and the first gong on Renault’s death knell.

    If it’s good I hope Nissan makes it their next Micra and brings some here. Shame about the death of the 3 dr config though.

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      I wonder if Smart will let go of their obsession with having awful, single-clutch, automated gearboxes.

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      Brian P

      It’s known that the engine will be the 0.9 TCe turbocharged 3-cylinder. It’s known that Renault has developed a version of this engine that has the cylinders tilted over at a steep angle so that it can be mounted very low in the chassis (the smart is the same way). It’s likely that the transmission will either be Renault’s dual-clutch automatic or a proper manual, and it certainly won’t be the smart’s existing automated-manual. And it’s known that the next iteration of the smart will use the same powertrain since they’ll be platform-mates. As for the suspension … who knows.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I suppose that the folks at Renault have realized the Twingo no longer really works as a utilitarian people carrier, hence the change. It’s the same tactic that was used on the MINI, 500 and Beetle (although those cars are significantly older), and it’s not an unsuccessful tactic, either. I like the styling, too…

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    Not just RWD … rear engine, like the current Smart.

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    Is that a Renault 5 back there? I can’t recall the name of that 80s model. It’s irritating me.

    Also, DEM WHEELS on that new Twingo. Mmm.

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    Yes – first gen Renault 5. I had a second gen as my first car – let’s just say that I don’t miss it…

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    juicy sushi

    If it turns out decent, I pray to all that’s holy Nissan bring it over here…

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      I’d rather this than the Versa they keep on making (it’s gotten better, but it’s still not a car that even enters consideration for me). I love the current-gen Twingo 133 (I like small cars with more power than they need) and like the simplicity of a FF setup. A RR setup Twingo? Even if the initial one is soft, there will probably be a Cup chassis option or something of the sort down the road.

      I like a lot of the recent Renaults, and wish Nissan would bring a few to North America, but they’d probably end up spending millions to get it legal for NA only to sell a handful and leave the market again. Nissan makes only 2 cars I’m interested in, and they’re both way out of my price range (370Z and GT-R). Renault, on the other hand, makes a variety of hatches which I find are all pretty cool. I like the Twingo, the Clio, and the Megane (esp. their “hot” editions).


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    I hope they don’t skimp on suspension design and just give the car overactive stability control. Also, RR cars can be designed to have really tight turning circles, hopefully they don’t screw that up.

    I’ll be first to test drive that when it comes to Finnish showrooms.

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    The engine is in the rear too, right? The article sadly neglects to explain.

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    May it have a conventional clutch available.

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    1) RWD,
    2) ICE rear-placement;
    3) 6-speed Manual…maybe?
    Were that to happen, I would surely believe that I died and went to heaven….
    I wonder if Renault knows how critical that trio is to its own pathway toward Salvation…


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    Coreydl, you’re right it is a “5′ I think it also went by the name “Le Car.

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    Gents, gotta go with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard hammond here were posed the question, why would someone spend the money for a Nissan Micra when you could, for the same money, afford something so much nicer used.

    Absolutely loathed the Twingo in the early ’00s. Bugged eyed and gooney with no power, handling or extras was a gawdawful car that made the Ford Ka seem like luxury.

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      I think that was the Nissan Pixo, which is just a rebadged Suzuki Alto.

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        while i understand where dolorean comes from theres a quasi cult fan following for the twingo on the continent

        theres a certain french joie de vivre about the car sorta like the Issigonis Mini etc.

        none of us here understand it but the Europeans do have a leaning to weird cars

        and yeah… i wouldnt be opposed to an RWD Twingo manual

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          You’re right there is that “french joie de vivre” with the Twingo. But part (all?) of that comes from driving those cars in France. Where 35 mph down a winding french country road feels like 50mph and is idyllic and fun. Driving 75mph on an American interstate in a Twingo sounds down right scary!

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        Not to be confused with the Nissan Poxi, which for some reason just never caught on.

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      The Ka handled well, and I believe the Twingo did too. I didn’t drive the Ka much, but it must have been the Mini of its generation. Not comfortable, but goes around corners.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    With the trend toward smaller displacement engines that are efficient and compact but produce horsepower that were unthinkable 10-20 years ago. A 3 cylinder with 125-150 HP would be a great performer in a rear engine Twingo. Plus it could be very space efficient under the rear floor of the hatch leaving a front trunk or frunk. Like the VW Squareback/Fastback,Varient with the suitcase engine under the rear panel.

    Ford could even create a rear engine KA using the 3 cylinder Ecoboost that is in the Fiesta.

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    There’s a chance that this new car
    in ‘sporty’ RS option(2-door ; RWD ; manual) wil be quite interesting(as far new Clio RS is a little bit of dissapointment)…

    Renault promissed new ‘5’, so that new Twingo may be their ‘interpretation’ of modern renault ‘5’ ..


    .. I still don’t like this ‘global-product attitude\'(sharing parts , engines . etc ..) …

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    Renault also released their future global plans. Notably the Espace will finally be sold in South America along with other MPVs, and Renault pickups for South America and maybe other emerging markets.

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