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by Zombie McQuestionbot
qotd choose your own parts bin sporting coo pay

Oh my, this Toyobaru GT86 situation is a shame, isn’t it? QC issues, dealer gouging, controversial tire choices, sundial acceleration, the catastrophically depressing drone of the engine as it asthmatically stumbles to its powerless redline before the injector seals fail and it vomits out its component parts in a single “FehhhrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhPOP.”

If only the people at Subaru and Toyota had asked you instead of letting their own accountants engineers make the decisions. As Andre 3000 once sang, you know what to do-oooooh-ooooh.

All the parts for a great affordable sports Coop are out there, man! You just have to, like, know how to assemble them! How about an RX-8 with the engine from the Mazdaspeed3? Better yet, a Miata Coupe with the engine from the MS3! Or an M228i with roll-up windows! Or, um, a roadster body on the Ford Ranger with an Ecoboost six!

Clearly, my robotic creativity could never come close to what you humans could imagine. So hit me with your best shot. Put the parts together from various bins, come up with an idea for styling and specification. And if we need rules… let’s say an MSRP of $34,999 or less, shall we? Just do me a favor: make sure the Forester’s base motor doesn’t make the scene in your dreams.

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  • AndyZ4MR AndyZ4MR on Feb 22, 2014

    @3Deuce27, how difficult/expensive do you think it would be to transplant an LS3 engine (or better yet, an LS7) in a BMW Z4? I always thought the Z4 drove very well, but American V8 power and sound is addictive. I know it's been done, I'm just curious...

  • Kuponoodles Kuponoodles on Feb 22, 2014

    Nissan : Put the vq37 work in the Juke's AWD, stretch put the nose but keep the rear seats and trunk. Ford, let Mazda do the interior of the Mustang. Mazda, use a Ford v8 in the rx8, make it fit.

  • DanyloS DanyloS on Feb 24, 2014

    Porsche should re-issue the original 911 body with obvious safety updates and general modernization, use the water cooled 2.7 (for 250-275hp) out of the boxster/cayman. Call it a 911 Classic or Retro or something. Sell it starting at $40k and print money. Most of the tooling/engineering was paid off 40+ yrs ago and obviously demand exists when people are paying $350k+ for a Singer 911. Porsche has already admitted that Singer is a pain in its side because they'd like to capitalize on the older 911's again Also as mentioned above somewhere. BRZ/FRS with the Subaru 3.0 or 3.6 flat-6 (that's about 250-265hp) and the price should have been closer to $20k

  • Imag Imag on Feb 24, 2014

    Porsche Cayman GT3 RS 4.0 At under $35K, I'll take two.