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The Canada-only Nissan Micra debuts in April, with Nissan hoping to pick up overall market share in The Great White North. But Automotive News reports that one casualty of the Micra’s introduction will be the Versa Sedan – hardly a surprise when both compete at the absolute low end of the market.

While the Versa Note will still be sold in Canada, the Sedan will be dropped according to Nissan Canada spokesman Didier Marsaud. Citing Nissan’s three subcompact entries, Marsaud told TTAC

“The Nissan Micra has been extensively tailored for Canadians and specifically to complement the Versa Note in Nissan Canada’s product lineup.  We decided that it is best to focus Nissan Canada and our Dealers’ attention on Versa Note and Micra.  As a result, we made the decision to discontinue selling Versa Sedan in Canada after the 14 Model Year.”

Removing the Versa sedan also gives the Sentra some breathing room, with the Sentra outselling the entire Versa lineup by a couple thousand units in 2013.


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7 Comments on “Nissan To Drop Versa Sedan In Canada As Micra Debuts...”

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    Wish they would drop the Versa sedan here too. That thing has the most ungainly styling imaginable. The Versa Note hatch looks much better, as does the Micra for that matter.

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    “The Canada-only Nissan Micra in April, with Nissan hoping to pick up overall market share in The Great White North.”

    The Nissan Micra do what now in April?

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    Speaking of the Versa, I took a photo at the CIAS in Toronto last week of a Versa Note which sustained pretty bad hood damage on the show floor. Seems someone didn’t see the new style prop rode hiding under the hood and tried to close it, resulting is some markedly wrinkled sheet metal.
    I suppose I could post it on Flickr is anyone is interested in seeing it, heh

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      That’s not uncommon – I worked as a product ambassador at CIAS several years back, and we were usually encouraged to close everything we could whenever we can, to prevent future damage. Another supposedly common one is someone denting the hood when pressing it closed (by putting a little too much weight on it).

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    The automatic transmission has taken a step back though to Mexican market. If Micra takes off in Canada Nissan need to have an available CVT and IMO rear disc brakes.

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    Apparently they plan on manufacturing some of these in N. America, I’m guessing Mehico.

    In other markets (like Europe) these are built in third world hellholes and the QC shows.

    I drove one of these around in Poland and wouldn’t rent, let alone buy, one.

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