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Our friends at Motorbeam in India snagged these live shots of the Ford Figo, aka the sedan version of the next Ford Ka and EcoSport. Designed as a world car to be sold in BRIC markets, the Figo is officially a concept, but is as production ready as a concept gets. For more, check out Motorbeam editor (and TTAC contributor) Faisal Ali Khan’s take on the Figo.


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26 Comments on “Ford Figo Debuts In India...”

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    When I see one of these B-segment econoboxes, I’m reminded of the late 1990’ies Suzuki Swift, a.k.a. Geo Metro.
    With that said, I’d say at least this is a stylish rendition of a B-Segment for an emerging market econobox.

    I’d bet dollars to donuts that the real life version based on what sells will have steel wheels and a much more mundane coat of paint.

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      I agree about the steel wheels, and they’re likely to be smaller than those wagon wheels, with a compensating taller aspect ratio. I’m not so sure about the paint. The people of India like pretty colors too, and some are likely to be willing to pay for them as an additional cost option. I was a bit surprised to see the fuel filler on the driver’s side, until I remembered that India is a former British colony.

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    The Ford logo has got to go. Why can’t it be Black background with chrome lettering?

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    Allow me to use this opportunity to congratulate Ford on the 0 star crash test results of the Indian Figo. May the Indian population be educated about this to assist them in their purchases.

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      According to BBC News – “Popular Indian cars fail crash tests” – the current Figo and VW Polo body structure held up way better than a similar Hyundai or Suzuki.

      “The cars were apparently stripped of safety features to make them cheaper for Indian buyers, correspondents say.”

      None of the cars were equipped with air bags. If the Figo and Polo in the test had air bags, those two would have scored better. VW decided to include air bags, while Ford…………hasn’t stepped up to the plate.

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        We’ve been through this already on Brazilian cars and Latin Cap. Look for my articles on them. This new car is based on the New Fiesta platform (called B). The EcoSport, based on the same platform, just got a 5 in Latin NCap tests. The first for a Brazilian car. The last time they had gotten 4. To get a 5 star they added stickers. It’s like a receipe in some ways. Follow it to a “T” and you get 5 stars.

        I highly doubt the situation for global makers in India is much different from the same makes in Brazil. The car is as safe as the platform is, specially as to passive safety. As to active safety that depends on the legislation of each country.

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      And what does the moped this thing is likely replacing score?

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    It’s not awful, just kinda stumpy. But good for that sort of market. I think they’ll need some taller tires though, bad roads and all. And it looks like they put some chalk on the wheels.

    Now that I think of it, the back reminds me of the departed Suzuki Aerio for some reason.

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    Looks good to me. As it’s coming soon to Brazil, I’ll take a hard look at it when the time comes to change our car (hopefully later this year). It’ll depend on a number of things, internal space, equipment levels and mostly certainly price. There’s a little thing here called Logan that can’t be beat for cost/benefit.

    Faisal, how does it compare to the new Fiesta? Longer, wider, taller? How long is the wheelbase, a sure fire way to have a good idea of roominess. How big is the trunk?

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    With what little chance of this showing up in the US I can’t complain about the styling.

    But why doesn’t Ford just sell the Fiesta Sedan over in Brazil? Its the same platform, and they both look…odd, just change the options and throw it out there.

    That being said I have a second question, why does the Fiesta sedan cost $500 less than the hatch? It seems like a trend amongst automakers to charge more for just a little bit more practicality.

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      Hey! The Fiesta sedan is sold over here in Brazil. However, as I have mentioned before, the compact category is much different here than in other places. Roughly, we can split it in 3 sub-categories. There’s the entry level at about 23-25k reais where the Clio, Chevy Celta, Chevy Classic, old Uno (and now probably new Uno) dwell. It was here the old Ka had its place.

      Then there’s the category around the 30k mark. Here there are sedans and hatches, with some overlap from the cheaper cars in higher trim: Nissan March, Fiat Uno and Palio and Siena, Renault Sandero, Logan, VW Gol, Voyage, Fox, SpaceFox, Chevy Onix, Prisma, Toyota Etios hatch and sedan. They all atart near here and go up to 40k and up. The new Ka hatch and sedan will probably be here as were the old Fiesta hatch and sedan.

      Then there the around 40k. Starting at around 37-ish, there are Fiat Palio, Grand Siena, Punto, Idea, Cincuecento, Chevy Cobalt, Agile, Nissan Versa, Hyundai HB20 hatch and sedan, Peugeot 207. Citroen C3, VW Polo among many others. These can all go up to 50k and beyond. The CUVs based on cars like EcoSport and Duster atart at 50k. Even some prestige sedans can be had at around that mark like Fiat Linea.

      All small, compact, with engines from 1.0 to 2.0, 70 hp to 140 ho, 3 and 4 cylinders.

      As to hatch being more expensive in the US, as far as I know it’s only in the US. The only car family that follows that logic here is the Loganline, where the hatch (sandero) is more expensive than the Logan. It’s little to do with practicality and more with prestige. As I’ve said before, these small sedans in Brazil have 500L trunks, which is quite big. The bigger hatches have about 320, though the average would be more around almost 300L. 500L is a while lot of practivality. But the pricing doesnt take that into account. It takes prestige. A sedan is more prestigious in Brazil than a hatch, so the sedan more expensive. A small hatch in the US is more sporty and trendy than a small sedan, so the hatch has more prestige and, therefore, greater price.

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        Thank you for the detailed response, that bumps my first question out of the way.

        Here in the US hatch’s are seen as either trendy or cheap and economical, here people prefer their stumpy sedan counterparts in grey or grey CUV variants (despite the extra cost), younger drivers often like hatch’s and coupes while 30 or olders (typically smokers) prefer sedans for their illusion of prestige, and cheaper prices.

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    I finally fogured out why I’m liking it. It seems positibely Escort-esque. From some angles, it doesn’t look like it has a “real” trumk; Some people at the time called it a notchback. Halfway between a hatchback and a sedan. If the glass lifted… I can see now whay some at Ford want to call it Escort.

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    Well, bummer. Seems like the Figo above is exclusive for India. I thought it was strange as Ronnie Scrieber’s spy pics showed an actual sedan and not a notchback. It turns out that in Brazil the model will be different. Not having here the 4m limit due to tax reasons, here the Ka will be a real seda, with a larger, more sedan-like trunk. Here it’ll have between 4.1 and 4.2 meters, putting it right in with Logan and making it bigger than the New Fiesta sedan. They showed the concept here as well today. Pics below.

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    Don’t like it. I appreciate it’s on the latest platform and not a fourth-gen 1990s rehash, but Ford is losing its way with econobox designs – dare I say the idea of having local design teams is not helping. I’m even seeing some Mini Countryman in the front of that, which is no good thing at all. Frankly, the body looks too big for the chassis (or the wheels, at least) which is probably traced back to maxing out interior space, but it’s screwed all the exterior ratios. And it would appear they decided not to design anything past the C-pillar. I bet there’s going to be some pretty shoddy plastics in there as well.

    It’ll probably sell like hot cakes.

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    daniel g.

    hey don´t look like this? ford 021C concept car 1999 by mark newson?

    a good concept car in my opinion, maybe is time to look back to ford (ford indigo maybe?)

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